Starting out in Rally

There are six levels of competitive Rally. New handlers will start at Level 1 as you become more experienced you can qualify for the next level up and then advance up the levels to Level 6.

The exercises range from heelwork, to a recall, control exercises such as a Halt - Sit and Halt - Sit - Walk Around. Level 1 is performed on-lead and consists of 10 - 15 exercise signs. As you progress through the levels the exercises obviously become more difficult until you reach Level 6 which is performed off-lead and consists of 15 - 17 exercise signs.

Rally signs are available to download from the toolbar on the right hand side.  Alternatively you can purchase laminated signs for each or all the levels from the online shop. A list of suppliers for Rally sign holders can also be accessed in the toolbar.

Your first step to competitive Rally may be to join a training club, many clubs can found via Find a Club tool. There are numerous Rally competitions held annually by Kennel Club Societies, details of these competitions are published in the Events Diary. Whatever competition you choose, your dog will be happier for being trained.  


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