Rally FAQs

1. How is Rally scored?

Each dog/handler team enters the ring with a perfect score of 200 points. Deductions are scored based on the exercise requirements and the scoring guidelines. Deductions are made in one-point increments from a minimum of one point up to maximum five point deduction in relation to any one fault. The judge indicates point deductions on the score sheet as faults occur on the course. He or she may be assisted by a scribe steward in recording the deductions.

2. Are there any restrictions on who can enter Rally competitions?

Dogs entered for these competitions must be registered on either the Kennel Club Breed or Activities Registers and must be a minimum of six months of age to take part in Levels 1 or 2 Classes and 12 months of age for Level 3 upwards.

3. Can I take training aids into the ring?

Food shall not be carried or given to a dog under test and the use of a toy as an incentive in the ring between or during exercises is prohibited.

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