Liaison Council Elections

Does your club want to have a bigger say in how your hobby is run?  Does it want to contribute more to promoting the general improvement of dogs?  Does it want to see its ideas acted upon?  Does it want to become part of the solution to issues in the dog world?  Your Club should then consider nominating a Representative to one of the Kennel Club Liaison Councils. 

The Kennel Club Liaison Councils play an important role in formulating Kennel Club policy and enhancing the Kennel Club’s strategic objectives across every canine activity. 

Representatives should be actively involved within their discipline by way of competing, judging, organising and / or officiating at shows / trials and events.  Your club’s elected representative to a Council will be responsible for representing the views of your region, breed or activity and for putting forward proposals on your club’s behalf to enhance the future of your hobby.  It’s a responsible position and the Representative’s responsibility will be to regularly canvas your club and others in your area or breed to gather views and ideas, research their viability and then represent them at Council meetings once or twice a year.   Dedicated representatives ensure their ‘constituency’s’ views are brought forward for debate either through regional meetings and/or direct contact with clubs and societies and individuals at events.  Representatives should be willing to commit to at least one or two meetings per year, more if they are elected onto a Working Party or Committee.  Council proposals often result in fundamental changes in Kennel Club policy and the Kennel Club values the important work the Councils do and the opportunity to engage directly with those dedicated individuals involved on the hobby on a daily basis. 

There are 6 liaison councils:

  • Shows Council (regional representation for societies which hold breed shows)
  • Breeds Council (individual breed representation)
  • Field Trials Council
  • Working Trials Council
  • Obedience Council
  • Agility Council

To become a representative on a Council you must first be nominated by a suitable registered society. All registered societies are encouraged to nominate suitable representatives to make sure that their opinions are heard and that they can make a direct contribution to formulating policy in the future. 

Representatives are elected for a period of three years and the current term of office of all Kennel Club Liaison Council representatives ends on 31 December.  Therefore the process for election for the next term of office (January 2019 – December 2021) commences now.

Nominations for election to all Councils must be received by 10th December 2018.  Nominations must be signed by an officer of the nominating organisation and submitted to the Canine Activities Department (Council elections), The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, London, W1J 8AB.  Please indicate clearly on the envelope to which Council nominations refer.  Alternatively e-mails can be sent to:

Nominations should be submitted using the nomination form on the Kennel Club website, where possible:

Please note the following conditions which apply to all Councils:-

  1. Members of the Kennel Club Board may not serve on any Kennel Club Liaison Council.
  1. Each nominee must have consented in writing to the nomination. This consent must be forwarded to the Kennel Club with the nomination.
  2. No person may serve on more than one Council.
  3. Each representative must reside in the region (s)he represents – where appropriate.
  4. Nominations, made by registered societies, are limited to one per society per relevant Council, i.e. a society eligible to nominate for both the Breeds and Obedience Councils may nominate one candidate per Council.
  5. All nominations received from clubs and societies will be acknowledged, therefore if you have not received confirmation within five working days, please contact the Canine Activities Department.

Where a Council is made up of regional representatives, the following categorisation of regions applies:

Region 1         

Region 2         

Region 3         

Region 4         
NORTH WEST (Cheshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Isle of Man, Lancashire, Merseyside)

Region 5         
NORTH EAST (County Durham, East Riding of Yorkshire, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear, West Yorkshire)

Region 6         
MIDLANDS (Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire)

Region 7         
SOUTH EAST/EAST ANGLIA (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex)

Region 8 
SOUTH/SOUTH WEST (Bristol, Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Somerset, Wiltshire) 

The following conditions apply to specific Councils as indicated:

Agility Council

Registered societies and branches which have an active interest in agility and have been registered for at least 12 months may nominate representatives. The total number of representatives per region is given below:

  1. Scotland 1
  2. N Ireland 1
  3. Wales 1
  4. N West 2
  5. N East 2
  6. Midlands 2
  7. S East/E Anglia 2
  8. South/S West 2

Total 13


Obedience Council

Dog Training Societies and other registered societies and branches which have been registered for at least 12 months may nominate representatives. The total number of representatives per region is given below:

  1. Scotland 2
  2. N Ireland 1
  3. Wales 2
  4. N West 2
  5. N East 2
  6. Midlands 3
  7. S East/E Anglia 3
  8. South/S West 2

Total 17


Working Trials Council

Registered Societies which hold Championship Working Trials may nominate representatives to the Working Trial Liaison Council.  These Societies will also represent the view of other societies in their respective areas which hold Open Working Trials.

Shows Council

General Canine Societies and those Affiliated Societies scheduling a General Championship or Open Show which have been registered for at least 12 months may nominate representatives to provide a channel of communication on matters of general concern to the dog community.

Twenty-four Council representatives shall be elected by those General Canine Societies and affiliated societies that schedule Open Shows, but are not accorded Championship Show status at the time of the nominations submitted for election to the Council.

Six Council representatives shall be elected by the General Championship and the Group Championship Show Societies. These representatives shall be elected from within their number as a whole and not on a regional basis.                                                             

The total number of representatives per region is given below:

  1. Scotland 3
  2. N Ireland 1
  3. Wales 2
  4. N West 4
  5. N East 4
  6. Midlands 3
  7. S East/E Anglia 4
  8. South/S West 3

General & Grp Ch Show Societies 6

Total 30

Breeds Council

Breed Clubs which have been registered at the Kennel Club for at least 12 months may submit nominations for Breed Representatives.

Breed Clubs with an interest in more than one breed within a Sub-Group shall be entitled to submit one nomination only and must declare the breed for which the nomination is made.

[Note: in order to avoid the delay which would occur should a ballot be required, it is essential that the initial nomination should have the support of the majority of the specific Breed Clubs.]

Field Trials Council

Field Trial Societies holding Qualifying Stakes (Open) may nominate representatives in the proportion of one representative from not less than every two Field Trial Societies holding these Stakes. The election of representatives shall be by arrangement among entitled Field Trial Societies.

All clubs/societies are requested to give this matter their urgent consideration and to ensure that the proposed Kennel Club Liaison Council representative is nominated by 10th December 2018.


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