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Heelwork to Music (HTM) is a relatively recent competitive activity in which participants devise routines of up to four minutes, set to music, and perform the routines with their dog. HTM is divided into two categories - Heelwork to Music and Freestyle - and most Competitions stage official classes in both categories.

Heelwork to Music derived originally from the set exercises forming the heelwork component of competitive Obedience, with a musical backing, but it quickly grew into a much more demanding and creative discipline. The introduction of Freestyle - routines interpreting the music in which predefined heelwork movements form only a third or less of the total - added still further to the growing appeal of the sport.

Heelwork to Music has a wide range of facts, from a creative 'play' environment where pet owners develop a bond with their dogs, to opportunities for more competitive training and competition, to an enthralling and moving spectator event. At its best an HTM routine can be quite breath-taking - as anyone who has witnessed the 'Best in Show' evening at Crufts in recent years must be aware.

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If you wish to fill in a survey or know anyone who would be interested in this please go to the following link - See more at: /press-releases/2014/february/activities-health-and-welfare-sub-group-heelwork-to-musicfreestyle-questionnaire/#sthash.jBYcqAOB.dpuf
New to Heelwork to Music?
This section contains information for those new to Heelwork to Music, including how to get started and how to compete in Heelwork to Music competitions.
Heelwork to Music Competitors
Find out more about competing and progressing in Heelwork to Music, Kennel Club events, changes to Heelwork to Music Rules and Regulations and the latest news for this discipline.
Heelwork to Music Judges
Judges can access information including requirements for Heelwork to Music Judges, training and seminar information for Judges and lots of downloadable material to assist with judging appointments.
Heelwork to Music Competition Administration
If you are a Heelwork to Music Secretary or help organise Heelwork to Music competitions, there is a huge amount of work and administration to be undertaken. This section provides all the information you need to assist with the task in hand.
Club Administration
There is so much to remember when running a dog club. This section provides all the information you need to help run your Registered Club efficiently.
Heelwork to Music Working Party
The Heelwork to Music Working Party acts as a channel of communication between the Kennel Club and those who compete in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle. This section details the members of the Heelwork to Music Working Party and the 'Summary of Recommendations' from recent meetings.