Progressing in Heelwork to Music

When you have gained more experience in competing, you are likely to set your sights on progressing into more advanced classes. To progress, you accumulate wins and/or points which are awarded for gaining a fourth place or above in a standard Heelwork to Music or Freestyle class:

Points awarded Progression Requirements 
First place - 10 points Starters -> 14 points and a win or you may elect to progress at 20 points or continue in novice until you gain the win -> Novice
Second place - 6 points Novice -> 16  points and a win or 28 points -> Intermediate

Third place - 4 points


Intermediate -> 2 wins -> Advanced

Fourth place - 2 points

(After you progress, your points go back to zero)


Excellent Awards

When you win out of a class you are entitled to use the initials for that class after your dog's name on entry forms and in catalogues; only the most recent award is used. The initials for Heelwork to Music are HTM St, HTM N, HTM I and for Freestyle the initials used are FS St, FS N, FS I. Gaining at least 24 points at Advanced entitles you to use the initials HTM A or FS A.

Competitors who have gained at least one first place and 14 points at Starters or 16 points at Novice while progressing can claim a Heelwork to Music Excellent or Freestyle Excellent award from the Kennel Club. Two wins are required at Intermediate and Advanced in order to claim the award. The award entitles you to use the appropriate 'Ex' title after the relevant initials, for instance HTM St Ex or FS A Ex. To find out how to claim an Excellent Award, click here.

Crufts Competition

The main objective for many advanced dogs and handlers in the UK is to qualify and compete at Crufts. Qualifying heats are held throughout the year for the following year's Crufts. For more information about Heelwork to Music at Crufts, click here.

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