Getting Started in Heelwork to Music

Once you have decided that you might like to try Heelwork to Music, the first thing to do is to join a club where you can train and learn about the requirements of a Heelwork to Music competition. Plenty of regular practice is essential preparation for Heelwork to Music and Freestyle, but supervised training at a Heelwork to Music class is just as important. There are a number of training clubs across the country.

Preparation and Training

Preparing your dog to be able to successfully compete will take time and dedication. It is essential that your dog is fully socialised and that you have effective control at all times, especially as your dog will be competing off-lead.

Training will involve teaching your dog a series of different moves and poses. As you grow in confidence and the partnership with your dog develops, these actions can be put together to formulate a routine. Once you feel happy with your routine you might like to select a piece of music and adapt the sequence to suit the rhythm and pace of your chosen track. 

As well as training and preparation, if you wish to take part in a Kennel Club licensed Heelwork to Music competition there are some formal requirements that are required:

  • Your dog must be registered with the Kennel Club, either on the Breed Register or on the Activity Register.
  • Your dog must be 12 calendar months old or over on the day of the competition for Heelwork to Music classes and it must be 18 calendar months old or over on the day of the competition for Freestyle classes.
  • You must complete an entry form and send it in before the competition's closing date for entries (generally six weeks or more before the date of the competition).
  • The entry form includes an agreement to abide by the Kennel Club regulations, and you need to make sure you know and understand the rules before you start competing.
  • We recommend that you keep a record of your achievements. A Heelwork to Music Record Book can be purchased from the online shop.


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