Heelwork to Music Competitors’ Section

Heelwork to Music provides you and your dog with an opportunity to display its understanding and knowledge of training commands in an impressive choreographed routine. Heelwork to Music Competitions are held all over the country for each of the classes, giving you the opportunity to compete regularly and meet likeminded people.

Progressing in Heelwork to Music

To find out how you qualify for more advanced classes and what is expected of you and your dog at a more advanced level, visit the  Progressing in Heelwork to Music page.


Every year the Kennel Club organises three prestigious HTM competitions at Crufts. For more information about the competitions, visit the Heelwork to Music at Crufts page.

The Kennel Club also lists licensed events held by HTM societies. To find out about upcoming events, take a look at the Events Diary.

Heelwork to Music Excellent Awards

Heelwork to Music competitors can win a variety of different awards depending on which level or Class they are competing in, for more information about the different awards, click here.

Heelwork to Music Working Party

The Heelwork to Music Working Party acts as a channel of communication between the Kennel Club and those who compete in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle. The Working Party was set up to represent grass-roots opinion within the Kennel Club, and to promote a better understanding among competitors of how the Kennel Club functions. It has played an essential role in reviewing the regulations for licensed Heelwork to Music competitions and continues to advise the Kennel Club on any regulation changes that may be needed. To find out more about the Heelwork to Music Working Party, click here.


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