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If you are a Heelwork to Music Competition Secretary there is a huge amount of work and administration to be undertaken. This section provides all the information you need to assist with the task in hand. Secretaries should be aware that changes and developments are made to the discipline throughout the year; any changes will be listed in press releases and on the Kennel Club website.

Requirements for organising a Heelwork to Music Competition:

1. Set up the Competition

2. Judges

3. Administration before the Competition

4. Final Preparations

5. After the competition

These should be logged in the incident book and sent to the Kennel Club. More information on filling out the incident book can be found here.

Cancellation/Postponement of Event

If a society has to cancel its event the Secretary must contact the Working Dog Activities Department at the Kennel Club as soon as the decision to cancel has been made.  Contact can be made via email: or 01296 318540. For more information about what is required when a society cancels/postpones an event, please click here.