Heelwork to Music Competition Administration

If you are a Heelwork to Music Competition Secretary there is a huge amount of work and administration to be undertaken. This section provides all the information you need to assist with the task in hand. Secretaries should be aware that changes and developments are made to the discipline throughout the year; any changes will be listed in press releases and on the Kennel Club website.

Requirements for organising a Heelwork to Music Competition:

1. Set up the Competition

  • Decide on a date, a venue and the classes to be run
  • All competition dates must be applied for either in writing on club headed paper or by completing a  Competition Date Application form, which is sent out to all Registered Societies in June (i.e. a year and a half in advance of the competition year in question).
  • On receipt of the request at the Kennel Club, a pre-printed licence application form will be produced and forwarded to the Secretary, subject to confirmation of the competition.
  • Before signing the licence organisers should check that they can meet the conditions of the Guarantors Declaration form.
  • The completed licence application form must be completed and returned to the Kennel Club a minimum of 6 weeks before the date of the competition with payment. Once the money has been processed a licence will be issued by the Kennel Club.
  • The licence must be displayed at the competition.
  • Book a suitable competition venue with adequate facilities including ring space, spectators' facilities, toilets and running water, refreshments, veterinary and medical arrangements, lighting and heating as appropriate, and parking. Audio equipment must be provided and if necessary a licence for playing music must be arranged. Timetable the official classes to be held, and any additional classes if desired.

2. Judges

  • Identify suitably qualified and experienced judges for the number of classes and competitors anticipated. Two or three judges per class are required, one being the head judge. Judges should be invited in writing, and asked to accept in writing; the club should then confirm the appointment in writing to form a three-part contract (see the Heelwork to Music Judges Section for details)

3. Administration before the Competition

  • Prepare and distribute a competition schedule, using the Kennel Club Specimen Schedule as a basis. 
  • Carry out a risk assessment and develop a safety plan to minimise risks. Organisers should also be aware of changing weather conditions. Click here for more information about things to consider to help maintain the health and welfare of dogs in hot weather. 
  • Arrange adequate public liability insurance (the certificate must be displayed at the competition with the Kennel Club licence).
  • Once entries have closed, split classes if necessary to prevent any class entry exceeding 25.
  • Prepare and distribute a programme (catalogue) for the competition.
  • Guidance for competition organisers to assist in carrying out a ballot can be found here.

4. Final Preparations

  • On the day of the competition, ensure copies of the Heelwork to Music 'L' Regulations, all entry forms, programmes, the competition licence, insurance certificate, awards, equipment and an incident book are taken to the competition.
  • A copy of the official catalogue for each competition, containing a fulll and correct list of all entries, with all the awards correctly marked, must be retained by the organisations for at least one year from the date of the competition and must be forwarded to the Kennel Club if requested, together with any other documents. 

5. After the competition

  • Within two weeks, report to the Kennel Club if there were any incidents requiring a report, for example biting/aggression incidents, formal objections/complaints, changes of judging arrangements, cancellation or abandonment.

These should be logged in the incident book and sent to the Kennel Club. More information on filling out the incident book can be found here.

Cancellation/Postponement of Event

For more information about what is required when a society cancels/postpones an event, please click here.


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