Heelwork to Music at Crufts

One of the highlights of a Heelwork to Music (HTM) competitor's career is the opportunity to compete in front of an audience of thousands at Crufts.

Each year Crufts hosts the finals of both Heelwork to Music and Freestyle competitions. All 'Advanced' level dogs and handlers can qualify for Crufts by entering one or more of a series of qualifying events held throughout the year.

Crufts 2018

The Kennel Club Crufts International Freestyle Competition Rules and Regulations 

Qualifying Competitions

Crufts 2018 Qualifying Competitions

Semi-Finals Qualifying Results for 2018

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Crufts Heelwork To Music Semi Final/Rugby DTC HTM Show will now be held on the 20th January 2018 at the Sport Connexion, Ryton, Coventry.

Crufts Semi-finals Qualifiers Results for Crufts 2018

Heelwork to Music at Crufts rules for UK competitors

The first two dogs from each heat, which have not already qualified, will go forward to the semi-finals will take place at The Sport Connexion, Ryton, Coventry, on Saturday 20th January 2018. At the semi-finals, the first ten placed Freestyle entries will qualify for the Freestyle Finals at Crufts and the first ten placed dogs in Heelwork to Music will qualify for the Heelwork to Music Finals at Crufts.

Crufts 2018

Crufts Finals will take place as follows: Freestyle Thursday 8 March 2018; Heelwork to Music Friday 9 March 2018 and International Freestyle Saturday 10 March 2018.  Judges will be Jenny Deakin, Jules O’Dwyer and Michelle Hubbard.

Crufts 2017 Results

Crufts Heelwork to Music 

Crufts Freestyle

Crufts International 

More Information

All Crufts qualifying competitions are judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Regulations in force at the time of the event. To be eligible to enter these classes, dogs must be eligible to compete in Advanced classes. Both the competition organisers and the Kennel Club reserve the right to verify a dog's eligibility to compete.

Crufts also caters for Heelwork to Music's growing international following by hosting the Kennel Club Crufts International Freestyle Competition. The competition is open to one competitor from each country involved, with England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales represented by the highest placed competitors from each 'home country' in the Crufts Freestyle Final, where possible.


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