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Lara's story

"I lost almost six stone, dropping from a dress size 24 to a 14, and won the Kennel Club's Get Fit with Fido challenge in 2012."

Lara, aged 33, decided she needed to take action when she saw a photograph of herself at a dog show. She then made the decision to lose weight and started exercising with her six dogs and taking part in Agility. Since then she has lost 5 stone and 11lbs - the equivalent weight of two of her Border Terriers and one of her Springer Spaniels put together. Lara is hoping to lose another stone to  achieve her goal, which would mean her overall weight loss will be a staggering seven stone.

"I entered the Kennel Club's Get Fit with Fido campaign as an incentive to help me lose weight and  push me towards my goal. Walking the dogs and being involved in agility competitions has helped me shed the weight."

Lara said, "For anyone that wants to lose weight, my advice would be to walk your dog, and look into all the different dog sports that you can do. Your dog keeps you motivated and makes exercise fun. Having my dogs has driven me to exercise, and means I'll be able to enter even more agility shows in future."


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