Kennel Club Guide to Dog Activities

There are a whole host of dog activities and exercises that you and your dog can enjoy together. The Kennel Club has compiled information on each of these, which details how good the exercise is for you and your dog, the amount of calories it burns and how you can get involved.



  • Typical classes will cost £2 - £6 for a group lesson and £10 - £30 for private tuition.
  • A sport that requires you to get your dog around a course containing tunnels, jumps and other obstacles - in the fastest possible time with the minimum number of faults, is a fun and thorough work out for you and your dog. > Find out more


  • It will typically cost between £10 and £25 to enter an open show or championship show respectively.
  • > Find out more


  • Typical classes will cost £2 - £6 for a group lesson.
  • Flyball involves two teams of dogs racing against each other and jumping hurdles as well as triggering a pedal on a Flyball box and retrieving a tennis ball. The owner (or handler) keeps the box continually uploaded with balls for the dogs. > Find out more


  • Typical classes will cost £2 - £6 for a group lesson and £10 - £30 for private tuition.
  • This is an activity that involves putting a series of obedience moves together to a piece of music. Owners devise routines of up to four minutes which they perform with their dogs.  At the competitive level owners and their dogs perform enthralling routines both moving and breathtaking for spectators. > Find out more


  • Typical classes will cost £2 - £6 for a group lesson and £10 - £30 for private tuition.
  • This is another increasingly popular activity with dogs performing feats of obedience for their owners, from the simple sit to scent discrimination work and distance control exercises. > Find out more


  • After a nominal membership fee a lot of the training you will do for free and on your own. Monthly club training sessions will be about £8-£10 for a day and £50-£100 for a weekend training course.
  • This is the civilian equivalent of police dog work and includes obedience and control, searching and tracking, agility and fitness. Dogs compete in ascending levels called 'stakes'. They comprise various tests, including tracking, heelwork, searching for hidden items, long jump and scaling a wall. > Find out more


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