Kennel Club requirements for Field Trials


  • Before a Society can hold a Field Trial, separate permission must be sought for each level and sub-group, and the relevant application submitted to the Kennel Club. The application is then advertised in the Field Trials Newsletter, before being considered by the Field Trials Sub-Committee.
  • Before completing a licence application all Field Trial dates must be communicated to the Field Trials Department. Upon confirmation of the date, a licence application must be completed and forwarded to the Kennel Club 30 days prior to the date of the Field Trial. A licence and Game Certificate will be issued by the Kennel Club.


  • A copy of the Field Trial Schedule must be submitted to the Kennel Club within 3 days of printing. All schedules must conform to Regulation J3.b. and the Field Trial Schedule Guidelines.

Running Card

  • The Field Trial running card, clearly marked with the awards, and signed Game Certificate must be submitted to the Kennel Club within 14 days of the Field Trial. If the Trial has been abandoned or cancelled the card must still be submitted with the reasons for abandonment/cancellation.


  • Appointment. Societies are responsible for selecting Judges for their Field Trials and Gundog Working Tests in accordance with Regulations, with the "A" and "B" Panel Judges selected from the official lists supplied by the Field Trials Department. A written agreement to judge must be received from every Judge.
  • Nomination. A Judge may be nominated to a Panel by a Society for whom he or she has judged within the previous three years. Application forms are available from the Field Trials Department. The secretary of the Society should sign the nomination after the Judge has completed all the sections.


  • See attached list. A Field Trials Newsletter is issued to all Gundog Societies Judges which contains important information on all aspects of Gundog Events and Regulations. An Application and Review form for Gundog Working Tests is circulated with the first Newsletter of each year. The Newsletter is also available via subscription.


  • Society committees must ensure that they have adequate cover for all the society's activities.
  • A current Public Liability insurance document must be available for scrutiny at all Kennel Club licensed events


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