Show Gundog Working Certificate Days

The aim of the Show Gundog Working Certificate (SGWC) is to provide credible proof of the natural working ability of a KC registered Gundog that has already proved it meets the KC Breed Standard by a qualification in the show ring. More details about what is required for the Show Gundog Working Certificate can be found in the SGWC handbook.

Show Gundog Working Certificate Days are organised by a number of registered societies in the UK and are run entirely for the purpose of enabling Show Gundogs to achieve the SGWC. In recent years the number of these days has gradually increased along with training days aimed particularly at this Certificate.

Any Kennel Club registered Society authorised to hold Field Trials may apply for permission to run a Show Gundog Working Certificate Day. An 'Application for Permission to hold Field Trials' form must be completed and submitted to the Kennel Club along with any supporting documents. The application will be then advertised in the Field Trials Newsletter, before being considered by the Field Trials Sub-Committee which will then make recommendations to the General Committee for final approval. This process may take several months due to the timing of the Newsletter and Committee meeting dates.

Assistance for Secretaries organising a Show Gundog Working Certificate Day

For societies who have been granted permission to hold an SGWC Day, a checklist for organising the day, specimen entry form and list of 'B' and 'A' Panel judges can be accessed on this page.


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