Working Gundog Certificate

The aim of the Working Gundog Certificate (WGC) is to provide credible proof that the handler and dog are a competent partnership, with the qualities to fulfil the general requirements of work on a shoot. The certificate may be gained at a variety of different events so that all aspects of a dog's work in the shooting field can be observed. The certificate will be issued by the Kennel Club and will list those tasks achieved on the day. Successful partnerships will have the distinction of having their names published in the Field Trials Newsletter.

Who can take part?
The WGC is open to all Kennel Club pedigree registered dogs and their handlers.

What is required?
Handlers and dogs will be required to demonstrate competence in the following:

- Control
- Obedience
- Temperament
- Hunting
- Retrieving

Where and how will the assessment take place?
The WGC can be achieved at a variety of events:

  1. A shoot using game
    On a shoot assessors will observe the participants throughout the day as they work their dogs in their usual role.The assessors will not devise any situations but simply be observing how a handler and dog cope with thespecific tasks which arise naturally during the day.
  2. A WGC day for dogs that retrieve using dummies
    At a WGC day for dogs that retrieve, the criteria will be assessed using simulated shooting field exercises:
    - Handlers and dogs walk together to the start area with the dogs off lead and under control
    - A simulated drive with dogs assessed both in the beating line and waiting at pegs
    - Hunting for seen dummies after the drive
    - Hunting for unseen dummies after the drive
    - A marked retrieve from water
    - A marked retrieve from over an obstacle
    - A steadiness exercise where dogs are left together whist handlers collect up decoys
  3. A WGC day for dogs that point
    At a WGC day for dogs that point the dogs will be assessed on hunting, locating, pointing and steadiness.  The dogs should hunt the ground in a regular pattern, point live game, produce on command and be steady to flushand shot. Some participants may wish to take the retrieving assessment which might be organised on the day orat a later WGC day, a Gundog Working Test or on a shoot. 
  4. A Gundog Working Test (GWT)
    An assessment at a GWT will be assessed against the criteria either by using separate exercises or using theexercises available on the day.

Who will carry out the assessment?
Participants will be assessed by a qualified assessor and if there are more than three participants, a second assessor will be appointed.  Qualified assessors are Kennel Club Field Trial Judges or others who have satisfactorily assessed the certificate three times and have been approved by another qualified assessor.

Who can organise a day?
Whether you are a gundog trainer, an individual or part of an organisation you can apply for permission to run an assessment day via the Field Trials Team as per the details below.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more details about the Working Gundog Certificate or to obtain a free copy of the WGC Handbook please contact the Field Trials Team via:

Call: 02075 181059 between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday.

If you wish to receive a copy of the WGC Handbook please provide your postal address. Alternatively a PDF copy is available on the right hand side. 


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