Field Trials Liaison Council

The Field Trials Liaison Council is made up of representatives nominated by all Field Trial clubs with Open status, elected for a three year term to act as a channel of communication between Field Trial clubs, competitors and the Kennel Club. The Council is an annual forum for the proposal and discussion of items generated directly from the grass-roots within the sport and is an opportunity to put requests/ changes/ problems/ discussion items forward to each other and the Kennel Club.

Early in the year notification of the forthcoming meeting and a request for submission of items is issued. Clubs are encouraged to discuss any proposals with their membership and notify their Representative and the Kennel Club of their item. Individuals can also put items forward through a Representative. Once produced the agenda is circulated to the Representatives who are required to discuss all items with their clubs and gather feedback. The agenda is also available online.

At the Council meeting items must be seconded and are spoken to by the appropriate Representative. Once they have been discussed a vote is taken by the Representatives whether to recommend the outcome for approval or not. Following production of the minutes the approved recommendations are submitted to the Field Trials Committee. The responses from the Committee are fed back to all Representatives via the Results of Recommendations document. 

Please note: No recommendation from the Field Trials Liaison Council becomes policy until it has been agreed by the Field Trials Committee and then the Board.

Liaison Council Representatives

Representatives are elected for a period of three years and the current term of office of all Kennel Club Liaison Council representatives ends on 31st December 2021. The list of representatives is available here.

Field Trials Liaison Council Meetings

The most recent agendas, annexes, minutes and results of recommendations are available below. If you wish to obtain a copy of older agendas, annexes and minutes, please email your request to

Field Trials Liaison Council Representatives from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021 


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