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The first step to being asked to undertake your first judging appointment is to get yourself known to Field Trial secretaries, and there are two main ways in which you can do this:

  1. Compete at Gundog Working Tests and Field Trials, competitors who do well are often asked to judge
  2. Volunteer to help out at the Field Trials and Gundog Working Tests held by the society

It is expected that you will be fully conversant with the Field Trial 'J' Regulations however there is no requirement that you undertake the Field Trials Rules and Regulations examination at this stage. A useful tool to help explain what is required of a Field Trial Judge is the Guide for Field Trial Judges.

There are three levels of Kennel Club Field Trial judges, non-Panel, B Panel and A Panel. At your first judging appointment you will be a non-Panel judge and undertake your duties alongside Panel judges. After you have completed your first appointment you will receive your judging number from the Kennel Club. This number will stay with you throughout your judging career and must be given to secretaries when you accept an appointment for inclusion on their schedule.

How to lay out a Judges Book

As you will have seen at Trials, judges always make notes about the dogs they are assessing in a Judges Book. The Field Trial Judges Education Working Party has produced examples of how to lay out a Judges Book, there is one for each of the sub-groups and examples can be downloaded here.

Progressing as a Judge - Panel Applications

Once you have judged as a non-Panel Judge for a minimum of three calendar years you can begin the application process to join the B Panel. The process to be considered for the B and A Panel list is as follows:

Retrievers & Spaniels

B Panel

A Panel

Pointers & Setters

B Panel

A Panel


B Panel

A Panel

List of Field Trial Panel Judges

Field Trial Judges Evaluation Forms

It is a requirement that all Panel Judges complete the Field Trial Judge Evaluation Form on their co-Judges after a trial. This form can now be simply and quickly completed online by clicking on the link below. Once submitted this will form will then be automatically delivered to the Field Trial Activity Team for collation.


Alternatively click on the following Field Trial Judge Evaluation Forms to manually download and complete a form to send in by email or post. B Panel Judges are expected to complete forms on non-Panel judges and A Panel Judges on non-Panel and B Panel Judges. These forms are confidential and are vitally important in the consideration of applications to the Panels. The forms must be returned to the Field Trials Department 30 days after the end of the trial.

When your nomination is received all of the Evaluation Forms from your co-Judges will be collated and the contents presented to the Field Trials Committee, alongside your application, for their consideration. Once the Committee has reviewed these documents their decision will be passed on to The Board for final approval. After The Board has met you will be written to and advised of the decision. If your nomination is successful your contact details will appear on the Kennel Club Official Panel of Field Trial Judges.

Judges Education Programme

The Judges Education Programme has been created to manage the understanding of the J Regulations for Field Trial judges, societies and competitors.  This is done through seminars for each of the four sub-groups followed by a multiple choice exam.  From 1 January 2010 it is mandatory for all aspiring judges, i.e. those hoping to go from non-Panel to B or from B Panel to A, to have passed the exam. For more information about the Judges Education Programme, click here.

Training Seminars for Field Trial Judges

All judges must be fully conversant with the Kennel Club Field Trial (J) Regulations. A very effective way to achieve this is by attending a Kennel Club Requirements of a Field Trial Judges Seminar. Further details on these can be found here. Seminar scripts can also be found below.

Script Spaniel 

Script  Retriever 

Script Pointer and Setter 

Script Hunt, Point and Retrieve 


The Field Trials Approved Presenters have produced examples of exam questions for each of the sub-groups.

Spaniel example exam questions

Pointer and Setter example exam questions

Retriever example exam questions

HPR example seminar exam questions