Field Trials Administration

If you are a Field Trial Secretary there is a huge amount of work and administration to be undertaken. This section provides all the information you need to assist with the task in hand. If you are a new secretary we strongly advise you to attend one of the annual Kennel Club Field Trial Secretaries' Seminars. Secretaries should also be aware that changes and developments are made to the discipline throughout the year; these changes are always listed in the Field Trials Newsletter which is sent to each Field Trial society.

Applications to hold Field Trials

When a club has been approved as a Field Trial Society it is automatically given permission to run Gundog Working Tests. After three years of running Gundog Working Tests, societies can apply for permission to hold different kinds of Field Trials. Permission must be sought for each Stake (e.g.: Novice) and each sub-group or breed. The application is then advertised in the Field Trials Newsletter, before being considered by the Field Trials Committee which will then make recommendations to the Board for final approval. This process may take several months due to the timing of the Newsletter and Committee meeting dates.

Organising Field Trials and other Gundog Activities

There is a lot to consider before you organise a Field Trial and preparation will be needed months in advance of the Trial itself. For more information about what to do, visit the 'Organising a Field Trial' section. Societies may also wish to organise one of the following gundog activities.

Nomination of a Judge to the Panel Lists

A judge may be nominated to a Panel by a society for whom he or she has judged within the previous three years. The secretary of the society should sign the nomination after the judge has completed all the sections. More information about what is required for a judge to progress to the panel can be found in the Field Trial Judges Section.

Field Trials Liaison Council

The Field Trials Liaison Council is an annual forum for the proposal and discussion of items generated directly from Field Trials Societies, Clubs and individuals. It is an opportunity for the Field Trials fraternity to put requests, changes, problems and discussion items forward to each other and the Kennel Club. For more information about the Field Trials Liaison Council and how to get your voice heard click here.

BASC Code of Good Shooting Practice 
The Field Trial Committee has agreed that the below wording is to be added to the Licence Application form for all Field Trials.

We confirm that all aspects of the trial ground conforms to the Code of Good Shooting Practice.
This statement is to confirm that all trial grounds used by any club / society conform to the guidelines provided in the BACS Code of Good Shooting Practice which can be found here:

The revised policy will apply to all trials being held in the 2018/19 season onwards.
For any queries please contact the Field Trial Department on 0207 518 1059


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