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2019 Championship


The results of the 89th Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championship are as follows:

First - FTCh Kiltonbeck Rollo
Mr S Winspear

Second - FTCh Countryways Alice of Craiwarn
Mrs N Cannon

Third & Gun’s choice - FTCh Windwithe Solitaire of Strigidae
Miss S Thatcher

Fourth - FTCh Endowood Clowne
Mr I Openshaw

Diplomas of Merit to:

5. FTCH Glenugie's Nalani
Mr J Reid

7. FTCH Timsgarry Jynx
H. Mr I Openshaw O. Ms A Hayes

9. FTCH Amtosk Countach
Mr M Smee

11. FTCH Fernmoss Gertie
Mr R Ellershaw

17. FTCH Poolgreen Clasp
Mr M Smee

21. Rugeley's Peregrine
O. Mr L Mulcrow - H. Mr A Bennett

23. FTCH Dakotagun Arwin
O. Mr J & Mrs R Atkinson - H. Mr J Atkinson

24. Trochry Eau Rouge of Poolgreen
Mr W Clulee

28. Glenugies Tempest
O. Mr & Mrs J Reid - H. Mr Ian Openshaw

30. FTCH Kiltonbeck Helga
Mr S Winspear

34. FTCH Brillscote Blackberry
Mr J Thompson

35. Pinsark Anastasia
Mr A Kirk

43. Endowood Faith
Mr S Dixon

Huge thanks to Eskdale Shooting Services for hosting the event and the fantastic ground, which was brilliant for these wonderful spaniels to demonstrate their hunting abilities.
The guns shot brilliantly bringing out the best in the dogs, showing that today’s working cocker is capable of not only finding and flushing game, but also retrieving to the highest standard.
The judges were exceptional, supporting the competitors and always looking for the best in every dog.
The team of Keepers, Beaters and Stops could not be faulted and are a real credit to the Estate.
Lastly massive thanks to our sponsors Skinner’s Field & Trial without whom this event would not be possible.