Cocker Spaniel Championship Results

The results of the 2018 Cocker Spaniel Championship held at Sandringham Estate, Norfolk by gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen are as follows:

1st - Mr J Smith’s Abiann Flawless

2nd - Mr G Davies’ FTCh Heolybwlch Denman

3rd - Mr A Waterhouse’s Spiriteddawn Mystic

4th (and Gun’s Choice) - Miss S Thatcher’s Windwithe Solitaire Of Strigidae

Diploma of Merit:

Ms K Varty’s FTCh Ardcaein Fall of Delphaven handled by Mr I Openshaw

Mr W Clulee’s FTCh Croimhor Turn of Poolgreen

Mrs A Jones’ Episcopi Kiwi

Mr W Clulee’s Gatekeeper Bryn of Nederscot

Mr R Preest Centrewalk Topaz

Mr W Clulee’s FTCh Jackshea Ted of Poolgreen

Mr J Fanjul’s Windwithe Winter Night Handled by Mr N Gregory

Mr J & Mrs C Atkinson’s FTCh Dakotagun Arwin Handled by Mr J Atkinson

Mr S Morgan’s FTCh Bishwell Barcud

Mr L Cooper’s FTCh Tiptopjack Ajay

Huge thanks to our judges; Mr J Bailey, Mr R Claydon, Mr M Taylor and Mr D Ormond. Thank you also to the numerous Estate staff for all their hard work, and to Eukanuba for their generous contribution to the event.


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