Classifications of Dog Shows

There are several levels of dog shows that you can enter but some will be more suited to new exhibitors than others, read on to find out more about each type of show.

Levels of Dog Show

Limited Shows
A Limited Show is an entry level show which is restricted by either geographically, membership, group, society or breed.

Open Shows
Open to all levels of pedigree dogs. Open Shows are an excellent place to hone your skills as the atmosphere is slightly more relaxed than Championship Show.

Premier Open Shows
Open to all levels of pedigree dogs. Premier Open Shows are a larger version of an Open Show but here exhibitors can qualify for Crufts.

Championship Dog Shows 
Championship Shows are open to all exhibitors but there is a higher level of competition as it is here that dogs can both win a Challenge Certificate (also known as CCs, or tickets) and also qualify for Crufts.  Once you acquire three CC's your dog will be a Show Champion which is one of the highest accolades in the show world.

Types of Dog Show

The Kennel Club currently recognises 211 dog breeds which equates to a lot of dog shows. Some clubs or societies will hold a show for just one breed and others will hold a show for multiple breeds.  Each level of Show could be a Single Breed, a Group or a General Show.

Single Breed Show - Open to a single breed only e.g.  'The Pointer Club Championship Show 'and will usually only be a one day show

Group Show - Open to one group of dogs for example 'Hounds' or 'Pastoral'. If you're not sure what group your dog falls into, visit the Kennel Club's Breed Information Centre.

General Shows - This type of Show is the biggest, taking place over several days, and will hold classes for all dog groups. An example of this type of show is Windsor Championship Dog Show.

Companion Dog Shows

One other alternative to taking part in a Breed Show is to take part in a Companion Dog Show.  Companion Dog Shows are fundraising events held throughout the year and the shows are mostly organised in conjunction with fetes, charity open days or similar events to raise money for charitable causes. The shows are very relaxed and fun and give you the opportunity to practice your teamwork and build confidence with your dog in the show ring. 


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