FAQs Premier Open Shows

Q. When does the new criteria become effective for Premier Open Shows?
A. The new criteria will be in place for any Premier Open Show held after 1st January 2019.

Q. How can my Society apply to hold a Premier Open Show?
A. Any Society may schedule a Premier Open Show provided it schedules at least 50% of the breeds separately classified in each group and 2 classes are scheduled for each breed. This will only apply to shows held on the group system.

Q. Our Society normally holds an Open Show, not on the Group System, can we still apply for a Premier Open Show licence?
A. No, Premier Open Shows are only available for shows held on the group system.

Q. How will dogs qualify for Crufts?
A. Dogs placed 1–4 in each group, and 1–4 in each puppy group, will qualify for Crufts the following year.

Q. Is there an increased licence fee for a Premier Open Show?
A. No, the licence fee is still £45.

Q. I have already applied for my open show licence for 2019, can I now apply for a premier open show instead?
A. Yes, you can email canine.activities@thekennelclub.org.uk and request a change of licence.

Q. How will the Kennel Club know what breeds the society has scheduled?
A. A form will be issued to all societies holding Premier Open Shows requesting the details of which breeds have been scheduled and post show they will be required to state how many dogs were entered for each breed.

Q. Do Imported Register Breeds Count when calculating the number of breeds per group?
A. No, only breeds that will be separately classified in the schedule need to be taken into consideration.

Q. There is an odd number of dogs in a group, how do you calculate the 50%?
A. There are 31 breeds in the Gundog Group, therefore your society must schedule classes for at least 16 different breeds (50% then rounded up).

Q. If I organise a Group Show, can I still apply for a Premier Open Show under the new system?
A. Yes a show holding 1 or 2 groups may still apply for a Premier Open Show provided at least 50% of the breeds in the relevant groups are scheduled, and your show is run on the group system.

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