Cancellations and Re- Scheduling of Shows/AGM/SGM's

Breed Shows policy on cancellation of shows

It is important that the Canine Activities Department is informed in writing of a cancellation.  It should not be assumed that because the licence application form is not returned to the Kennel Club by the due date the show will be removed from the Diary.  Secretaries are asked to confirm any show cancellation in writing to the Canine Activities Department as soon as this decision is made giving the reason for the cancellation.  If the cancellation is notified far enough in advance this could free up a date for use by other clubs and societies, in other instances it will prevent the office assuming the event is going ahead and sending out reminder letters for schedules and/or catalogues. 

Cancellation of Shows - due to Adverse Weather Conditions and Disease Outbreaks

The Kennel Club expects Club’s & Societies to place the health & safety of everyone involved in a KC Licenced Event as paramount, therefore the Committee/Guarantors should make the collective decision with regards to cancelling, or postponing a Show due to adverse weather conditions.

Written notification should be submitted to the Canine Activities Department of the Kennel Club and licences returned as appropriate.

Proposed new dates should be checked with the Canine Activities Department for potential clashes. For events that are rescheduled within twelve weeks, the original catalogue may be used with eligibility for classes remaining the same as for the original date.

The Kennel Club will refund the Licence fee for shows which are cancelled and not rescheduled. No charge will be made for changes of dates.


There is no problem with postponing an AGM if there are adverse weather conditions. The Kennel Club can give dispensation to hold the meeting outside the time frame given in the club constitution.

However, it is important that all members are told before they start travelling – perhaps if the committee members divide up the membership list and each committee member telephones a number of members to make sure all are notified.

A postponement would mean that the agenda remains in place as it is, with no new business or nominations added. A minimum of 14 days’ notice of the new date, time and venue must be given to all members by the same means as the original notice, which I see is in writing to all.

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Question: If a Club cancels their show on the day of the show, are there any KC rules on how to notify exhibitors?

Answer: You need to make sure you have made every effort to notify everyone who is entered by using means such as social media, email and telephone.

Question: We have rescheduled our show within the 3 month time frame, can we allow entries to be open again or does the catalogue need to remain the same?
Answer: No, entries must remain the same as the catalogue.

Question: I have rescheduled the date of the show outside the 3 month period, should I refund entries and re-open them? Or do we keep the entries the same?
Answer: The Society should refund entries and re-open them.

Question: If I have a puppy which on the original date was eligible for puppy, can I still compete in puppy on the new show date?
Answer: Yes, the catalogue and eligibility will remain the same providing that the show is held within the 3 month period.

Question: I have cancelled the show and do not intend on rescheduling, should I refund the money?
For Working Trials, Obedience & Agility the ruling is that they must provide refunds to exhibitors, however the Society can deduct reasonable costs from these refunds. A full set of the licensing club’s detailed accounts for the show should be submitted to the Kennel Club within 3 months of the decision to cancel the event with a copy of the clubs refund policy and the date that action was taken on this refund policy.

For Breed Shows it is down to each Society to decide whether or not they wish to refund money.

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