Cancellations and Re- Scheduling of Shows/AGM/SGM's

Updated 13 June 2020

Breed Shows policy on cancellation of shows

It is important that the Society and Show Services Team is informed in writing of a cancellation.  It should not be assumed that because the licence application form is not returned to the Kennel Club by the due date the show will be removed from the diary.  Secretaries are asked to confirm any show cancellation in writing to the Society and Show Services Team as soon as this decision is made giving the reason for the cancellation.  If the cancellation is notified far enough in advance this could free up a date for use by other clubs and societies, and in other instances it will prevent the office assuming the event is going ahead and sending out reminder letters for schedules and/or catalogues. 

Cancellation of Shows - due to Adverse Weather Conditions and Disease Outbreaks

The Kennel Club expects Clubs & Societies to place the health & safety of everyone involved in a KC Licensed Event as paramount, therefore the Committee should make the collective decision with regards to cancelling, or postponing a show due to adverse weather conditions.

Written notification should be submitted to the Society and Show Services Team and licences returned as appropriate.

Proposed new dates should be checked with the Society and Show Services Team for potential clashes. For events that are rescheduled within twelve weeks, the original catalogue may be used with eligibility for classes remaining the same as for the original date.

The Kennel Club will refund the licence fee for shows which are cancelled and not rescheduled. No charge will be made for changes of dates.

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Show licence

Question: My society wishes to reschedule our show at a later date. What is the Kennel Club policy regarding rescheduled shows?
Answer: Societies that postpone their shows may reschedule within twelve weeks if they wish to retain the same catalogue, you are not to accept any additional entries. If entries have not closed a society is at liberty to accept new entries. Furthermore, societies must seek advice from Public Health England and venue owners as appropriate as to whether they should go ahead with their show. There would be no charge for change of show date or venue and any shows cancelled would have their licence fee refunded.

Question: I have postponed my show within 12 weeks but the show cannot go ahead on the new date either, can I postpone again and keep the schedule and entries the same?
Answer: A show can be postponed using the 12 week postponement policy only once. Should the postponed show also be unable to go ahead the society must cancel the show. This can be rescheduled to a later date if available.

Question: I have rescheduled the date of the show outside the 12 week policy, should I refund entries and re-open them? Or do I keep the entries the same?
Answer: The Society should refund entries and re-open them.

Question: If a club cancels their show on the day of the show, are there any KC rules on how to notify exhibitors?
Answer: You need to make sure you have made every effort to notify everyone who is entered by using means such as social media, email and telephone.

Question: I run an agility show, have cancelled the show, and do not intend on rescheduling, should I refund the money?
Answer: For Activity Disciplines the ruling is that they must provide refunds to exhibitors; however the Society can deduct reasonable costs from these refunds. A full set of the licensing club’s detailed accounts for the show should be submitted to the Kennel Club within 3 months of the decision to cancel the event with a copy of the club’s refund policy and the date that action was taken on this refund policy.

For Breed Shows it is down to each Society to decide whether or not they wish to refund money.

More details on the Coronavirus can also be found on the Government and NHS websites which can be accessed here and here.

Question: My Club has had to cancel its 2020 championship show due to the Coronavirus pandemic can we schedule two championship shows in 2021?
Answer: Yes. We strongly recommend the additional show is held as a partnership show.  It is important that for the benefit of exhibitors we are maximising competition whilst minimising costs.

Question: Can my club reschedule its cancelled championship show on the same weekend as an All-Breed championship show?
Answer: Yes but only if the show is due to be held within 25 miles of venue for the All-Breed Championship Show.

Question: Can my Club reschedule its Championship show the same day as the breed is scheduled at a general or group championship show?
Answer: Yes this is possible under the published partnership show criteria.

Refunds for cancelled shows

Question: My society has decided to cancel our show. What is the Kennel Club advice regarding refunds?
Answer: Societies should use their discretion regarding their refund policy. It is advisable to offer a full or part refund to the exhibitor, taking into account any reasonable costs incurred by the society, or a discount for a future show entry.

Those societies holding working dog activities should follow separate guidance:

It is recommended that all societies publish their policy on the refunding of entry fees.


Question: The show I was due to judge at has been postponed, but I have another show within the time period specified by another society. Can I continue to judge at the rescheduled show?
Answer: If a show is rescheduled within 12 weeks, wherever possible the same judges should officiate. If this results in a judge breaching a contract for a future appointment, both societies are strongly advised to use their discretion to allow the judge to undertake the appointment for the postponed show outside the regulation or contract parameters.

Question: I was due to award Challenge Certificates for the first time at a show which was cancelled and have an appointment to judge a Group at an Open Show, can I still undertake the Open Show appointment?
Answer: There will be an interim arrangement whereby judges that are already contracted to undertake appointments for Not Separately Classified, Any Variety, Group and Best in Show at Open Shows, and are reliant on the fact that they were due to award CCs for the first time to comply with regulations at a cancelled/postponed show, will be permitted to do so.

Question: The show at which I was due to award Challenge Certificate for the first time has been cancelled. If I am offered another appointment will I need to complete a judging questionnaire again?Answer: No, you will not be required to complete another questionnaire. A list of judges who were approved and were unable to undertake the appointment due to the show being cancelled as a result of  COVID -19 can be found here.

Class eligibility

Question: If I have a puppy which on the original date was eligible for puppy, can I still compete in puppy on the new show date?
Answer: Yes, the catalogue and eligibility will remain the same providing that the show is held within the 12 weeks of the original date. .

Award qualifications

Question: My dog will be over 18 months on the date of a rescheduled show, can I still claim points for the dog’s Junior Warrant?
Answer: Points obtained for awards such as the Junior Warrant can be claimed from shows which have been postponed within 12 weeks of the original date, regardless of the age of the dog on the date of the new date. There is no change to this policy due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Partnership shows

Question: A club is due to hold a show in partnership with another show which has been cancelled/postponed. Can the society hold their show independently?
Answer: If a breed club holds a show in partnership with another society and one of these societies cancels or postpones their show, one of the partnership shows may proceed independently. Societies should seek advice from the Public Health England, Local Authority, their Veterinary Surgeon and venue owners as well as insurance cover.

Question: Are the Kennel Club still recommending partnership shows?
Answer: Yes, we strongly recommend clubs hold partnership shows. It is important that for the benefit of exhibitors and breed clubs that we maximise entries whilst minimising costs.  Please note that the regulation which states that a judge at partnership show cannot exhibit at the other partnership show remains in place.

Challenge Certificate rotation        

Question: My breed club is on CC rotation. If we cancel our show, will we be able to have CCs the following year?
Breed Societies on CC rotation can retain their CCs for the following year, on request.

Question: My club is on rotation of CCs and we have had to cancel our 2020 championship show, can we hold this in 2021 instead?
Answer: Yes. We strongly recommend the additional show is held as a partnership show.  It is important that for the benefit of exhibitors we are maximising competition whilst minimising costs.

Judging procedure

Question: What advice does the Kennel Club give on containing a virus during judging?
Answer: It is strongly advised that judges request handlers to show an exhibit’s dentation to minimise the spread of infection.

Public Health England advice emphasises personal hygiene, therefore officials, judges exhibitors and visitors are encouraged to maintain good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene by employing the ‘Catch It. Bin It. Kill It’ ethos.

Hand sanitisers should be made available for use by all who are attending events and their use encouraged.

Spectator dogs

Question: Should my society continue to admit spectator dogs into the venue?
Answer: Societies should use their discretion if they wish to accept spectator dogs, in line with government advice on mass gatherings.


There is no problem with postponing an AGM if there are strong reasons for so doing. These would include adverse weather conditions, outbreak of disease or national health concerns with recommended restrictions on movement. The Kennel Club can give dispensation to hold the meeting outside the time frame given in the club constitution.

However, it is important that all members are informed before they start travelling. If necessary, the committee members can each telephone a number of members to make sure all on the list are notified.

A postponement would mean that the agenda remains in place as it is, with no new business or nominations added. A minimum of 14 days’ notice of the new date, time and venue must be given to all members by the same means as the original notice.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Kennel Club has extended the deadline for the submission of annual returns due in 2020 until 31 December 2020.

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