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Dog Showing


1. Question: What makes for a successful partnership show?

Answer: The key to a successful partnership show is good communication and full and early engagement between the two societies.

2. Question: Can our Breed Club hold its Championship Show in conjunction with another Breed Club, rather than a General or Group Show?

Answer: Yes, as long as both Shows are held at the same venue, two Breed Clubs can hold their Championship Shows on the same day.

3. Question: Are separate licences, schedules and catalogues required?

Answer: It is permissible to share a schedule, but separate licences must be obtained and separate catalogues produced.

4. Question: Can the Breed Clubs share public liability insurance?

Answer: Clarification should be sought from insurance company that public liability insurance covers anything taking place within the show venue and in which case public liability insurance could be shared.

Breed Club and General Championship Show Venue Share

5. Question: Is there a set way in which the shows must be held?

Answer: No, the two shows can be held in any way that works for both show societies. Depending on the size of the entry, it may be possible to hold the Club show in the same ring following the General Show classes. If a very large entry is expected, the Breed Club show could be held in a separate ring but starting 1-2 hours after the General Show judging has started.

6. Question: Who would provide the Ring Stewards?

Answer: This is for the Breed Club and General Society to decide. Some Breed Clubs may wish to use their own stewards from their Committee; however, with cooperation from the host society, it may be easier to use the Stewards from their breed classes, however both societies should consider the importance of appointing experience stewards and how this will impact on timing issues

7. Question: Who would provide tablecloths, Award Boards and Chairs? Who would provide Veterinary cover?

Answer: This is for the Breed Club and General Society to decide. It is expected that the General Show Society will be able to provide all of the above items as they would already have them ringside for their show. It would be up to the two shows to negotiate any charges regarding these items.

The General or Group Show should already have Veterinary cover, whether a small charge is levied is up to both parties to agree.

8. Question: Can a Breed Club hold its show in conjunction with a General & Group Championship Show which is held outside of its area of operation?

Answer: The KC full appreciates that it is not always possible for breed clubs to find a suitable venue within its stated area of operation. However, clubs are reminded that they have a responsibility to their members to ensure that as far as possible shows are held within their stated area of operation.

For example, it would not be logical or fair to members for a South West club to hold it show in conjunction with a General & Group Championship Show in Scotland.

9. Question: Who would provide rosettes, ring cards etc.?

Answer. It is expected that the Breed Club would provide all of its own show paperwork and equipment as it normally would. This would help the show maintain its own identity.

If the Breed Club show has sponsorship and prizes, it would remain its responsibility to organise this including the delivery of prizes to the show.

10. Question: Are separate licences, schedules and catalogues needed if Breed Club Championship Shows are being held in conjunction with a General or Group Championship Show?

Answer: It is permissible to share a schedule, but separate licences must be obtained and separate catalogues produced.

11. Question: Does the breed club need its own public liability insurance?

Answer: Clarification should be sought from the Host Society that its Public Liability Insurance covers anything taking place within the show venue.

12. Question: Does benching have to be provided for the Breed Club Show?

Answer: Yes, in most cases, exhibitors are likely to have entered both shows, however for the few which enter the breed club only, the breed club will need to liaise with the general/group show society to resolve this issue. The Kennel Club would expect a close liaison between both organisations in this regard.

13. Question: If an incident occurs whilst both shows are taking place who should it be reported to?

Answer: If the incident relates to exhibitors, judges, dogs, awards won or entries specific to a show it should be lodged with the relevant show secretary. For all other incidents please report to the General Society secretary.

14. Question: At our single breed show we accept not for competition (NFC) entries for puppies aged 4 months and over. Is this still permissible now we are combining with the General show which cannot accept such entries?

Answer: Yes, puppies aged 4 calendar months and over are permitted to enter NFC at all Kennel Club licenced events, provided that the host society accepts NFC entries.

15. Question: At the breed club show do we appoint our own judge and issue the contract or is this the responsibility of the host society?

Answer: Each show is responsible for appointing its own judges and the related administration, however most general and group show societies will welcome suggestions for suitable judges from breed clubs.


16. Question: How do we resolve issues such as start and finish times, ring allocation, car park fees, admission passes, judges’ lunches etc?

Answer: These are all matters which should be discussed by both societies prior to making any decision on sharing a venue. Sharing a venue will require additional planning and open communication between both parties. We suggest that Societies prepare a written agreement to illustrate their responsibilities and accountabilities.

17.Question: At a partnership show can a judge officiate at one show and enter and exhibit at the other show even if they are exhibiting a different breed on another day to that which they are to judge? 

Answer: No. This is a matter of perception. It is important that the role of a judge is separate from that of an exhibitor. If you enter a dog for competition at a show you should not have access to any of the facilities offered to judges or fraternise with judges. Judges must maintain a position of impartiality ahead of their judging appointment. 

18.Question: My dog is beaten in its class at the first show, does this make him a beaten dog for the purpose of the later show?

Answer: No, the shows are two separate licensed shows.

19. Question: My dog is declared BIS, BPIS or RBIS can it compete still at the second show?

Answer: Yes – the shows are two separate licensed shows.

20.Question: If I enter the first show will my dog automatically be placed in the appropriate classfor the later show?

Answer. No the two shows require separate entries; please consult the schedule for instructions on how to enter.

22. Question: If I win my limit class at one show and win out of limit as a result, do I have to transfer to open for the later show?

Answer: No, providing you were eligible for the class up to and including 7 days prior to the close of postal entries you may remain in that class.

22. Question: If I miss my class at the first show am I permitted to compete at the later show?

Answer: Yes, this is permitted.

23. Question: My dog goes lame at the first show and I have to withdraw from further competition. However he is fit in time for the second show can I still compete?

Answer: You are permitted to compete at the later show, however if the matter is reported to the Kennel Club we may contact you for clarification and any awards won may need to be ratified.