AV/Stakes Classes FAQs

AV/Stakes Classes FAQs

On 1st January 2015 the Kennel Club suspended the Kennel Club Show Regulations which stipulated that dogs must be entered and exhibited in a breed class before exhibiting in an Any Variety Class/Stakes Class and that only unbeaten dogs were eligible to compete in the group or best in show competitions.

From 1st January 2018 this suspension will be made permanent and included in the F Regulations.

Please note that for the purposes of Kennel Club Show Regulations the term “Variety Class” also applies to “Stakes Classes”. A Variety Class is one in which more than one breed or variety of a breed can compete.

Q. I am entering a show ‘judged on the group system’, my breed is scheduled but I only want to enter the stakes class, is this possible?
A. Yes, it is now possible for any dog, whether the breed is scheduled or not to compete in only the stakes classes. However exhibitors are reminded that those winning dogs entered only in the stakes class cannot go forward to the group. Only BOB and AVNSC winners can go forward at shows judged on the group system.

Q. My dog’s Breed Class clashes with the stakes class, can my dog still go forward for the group if I withdraw from the stakes class?
A. As it is no longer necessary to compete in a breed class before competing in an, AV class, you have the option of withdrawing from either the breed class or the AV class.  However, it is only those dogs which have been declared Best of Breed and Best AVNSC which will be eligible for BIS.   

Q. My Golden Retriever is entered in both a breed class and an AV class.  It is awarded BOB and goes on to compete in the AV class, but is beaten by another Golden Retriever which is only entered in the AV class. Can it still go forward to the group?
A. Yes your Golden Retriever is eligible to compete in the Group.

Q. My dog is declared BOB, but is beaten or unplaced in the stakes class, can I still go forward for the Group.
A. Yes

Q. With beaten dogs now being allowed to compete in the group competition, which puppies are eligible to compete for BPIG and BPIS at Open and Limited shows?
A. Previously, eligibility for Best Puppy in Group at Championship Shows and Open and Limited Shows were different.  The new regulations confirm that the Best of Breed puppy and the Best AVNSC puppy are eligible for Best Puppy in Group and the Best Puppy in Group winner goes on to compete for Best Puppy in Show.  Best AV puppy is no longer eligible to compete for Best Puppy in Group.  This eligibility is the same for all types of show and for open shows judged on the group system and open shows not judged on the group system.

Eligibility for the Group competition at all shows is now open to dogs declared Best Imported Breed Register.



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