Exhibitors' Show Regulation FAQs

We hope these FAQs will help to resolve some of the common queries that are asked about dog showing which we receive from Exhibitors.

These concern queries on the entry forms, actions prior to and on the day of the show, and 'Permission to Show'.

1. Question: At what age can I begin exhibiting my dog?

Answer: Only dogs of 6 calendar months and over on the first day of the Show are eligible for exhibition at Kennel Club licensed shows.  However, societies may accept 'Not for Competition' entries at their discretion.  Dogs aged 4 calendar months and over are eligible to enter 'Not for Competition' at Single Breed and Sub-Groups Shows.

2. Question: My dog is a year old on the first day of a two day show.  Can I enter him/her in Puppy?

Answer: Yes - A Puppy Class is for dogs of 6 and not exceeding 12 calendar months on the first day of the show.

3. Question: Can I enter a show as 'Name Applied For' (NAF) or 'Transfer Applied For' (TAF) prior to sending in the registration forms?

Answer: You are not permitted to enter a show with either NAF or TAF, unless you have physically applied for Name or Transfer.

4. Question: I have entered Junior, Maiden and Novice at a show coming up this weekend, I've just realised that my dog is overqualified for Maiden and Novice.  What can I do?

Answer: The dog cannot enter the classes for which it is overqualified and must be transferred to open.  Therefore it should compete in Junior (for which it is eligible) and Open, in lieu of the two ineligible classes. (Regulation F(1)9.k)

5. Question: If I miss the first of the two classes that I am entered into, is it ok to go into the second class?

Answer: If a dog misses a class(es) it may continue to compete in all subsequent classes for which it was entered.  If in any of these classes, the dog becomes eligible to challenge for any other prizes or awards at the show, it can continue to challenge for these awards.

Where a dog misses a class (or classes) a post show report must be forwarded to the Kennel Club, where the reason(s) for missing class(es) wil be investigated.  This information will then be considered by the relevant Sub-Committee and if the reason(s) given was not acceptable, it is likely that any awards gained at the show will be disqualified.

6. Question: I withdrew my dog from a class and was not subsequently allowed to compete (with the same dog) in the next class.  Was this correct?

Answer: Yes- if a dog has been withdrawn it must not compete further at that show. The exception to this is a dog which has become eligible for Best of Group and Best in Show, which may withdraw from other competition other than Breed Classes or Best of Breed in order to remain unbeaten.

7. Question: Can I exhibit my pregnant bitch?

Answer: Yes, this is permitted, however the health and wellbeing of the bitch is of the utmost importance, so you must ensure that is taken into consideration before bringing her to the show.

8. Question: My dog requires/has had surgery.  Do I need to request 'Permission to Show' and if so how do I go about it?

Answer: Write to the KC requesting the 'Permission to Show'.  In addition you will need to include a report from the Vet in question confirming the surgery undertaken. This will then be placed before the relevant Sub-Committee for consideration at the next available meeting and you will be informed of the outcome shortly thereafter.


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