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Veteran Warrant Claim Form 

Q. When can I start claiming points for the veteran warrant?
A. You can claim points from 1st January 2019.

Q. How old does my dog have to be to claim points for its veteran warrant?
A. Your dog must be 7 years or over on the first day of the show.

Q. Is there a maximum age for my dog to be eligible to earn points?
A. No, as long as your dog is fit and healthy and in good condition it can be entered for shows and earn points.

Q. Is there a time limit for my dog to gain its veteran warrant?
A. No, there is no time limit, except that your dog must be at least 7 years to gain its first point.

Q. Can points be claimed from Any Variety (AV) classes, eg. AV Gundog Veteran, AV Hound Veteran?
A. Yes, points can be claimed from AV Veteran classes.

Q. Can points be claimed from Veteran breed classes?
A. No, points cannot be claimed from breed classes only from AV Veteran classes.

Q. Does my dog gain a Stud Book Number for achieving its veteran warrant?
A. No, a Stud Book Number is not available for a veteran warrant holders.

Q. Will my dog get any titles for achieving a veteran warrant?
A. Yes, VW will be added at the end of your dog’s name on its KC registration record.

Q. If my dog gained a 4th place in both the Veteran Stakes and the AV Veteran class how many points can I claim?
A. You can only make one claim per show therefore you would only be able to claim 1 point for one of the 4th.

Q. Can I claim points if the veteran class was split by age or sex?
A. Yes, you can claim points for veteran classes split by age or sex.

Q. Can Veteran Warrant points be claimed from subgroup show?
A. No, points cannot be claimed from a subgroup show.