FAQs Open Show Winner Title

Q. When does the Open Show Winner Title (OSW) start?
A. The Open Show Winner title is being launched from 1st January 2019.

Q. How can I claim an Open Show Winner Title?
A. An OSW title will automatically be awarded to any dog that has gained its Junior Warrant (under the new points system) and is also awarded its Show Certificate of Excellence.

Q. Is there a time limit to gaining the OSW title?
A. A dog cannot gain any points towards its Show Certificate of Excellence Award until it is at least 18 months of age.  There is no time limit after this date to gain the new award or new title.

Q. How will the Open Show Winner Title be shown on my dog’s record?
A. The dog will have OSW in front of its name.

Q. If my dog becomes a Champion how will that title appear in relation to the OSW title?
A. The Champion title will appear in front of the OSW title.

Q. My dog already has its Junior Warrant can it still attain its OSW title once its won the Show Certificate of Excellence award?
A. No, the Open Show Winner Title is only available to dogs gaining the Junior Warrant under the new points system and has been awarded the new Show Certificate of Excellence.

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