FAQs Junior Warrant

Questions about start date:

Q. When does the new scale of points become effective?
A. The new scale comes in on 1 January 2018 for any dog born on or after 1 July 2017.  For dogs born before 1 July 2017 the owner may choose whether to work towards their JW under the new points system or under the current points system.

Q When can I start to accumulate points under the new scheme?
A. All points under the new scheme must be from shows in 2018.

Q. My dog was 6 months old before the start date of 1st January 2018 (was born before 1st July 2017) but I want to use the new system, is this okay?
A. Yes, anybody who wants to use the new system can provided the points are gained before the dog turns 18 months of age.

Q. When will the current points system cease?
A. 31st December 2018 is the last day points can be claimed under the old system.

Q. My dog will be 18 months during 2018 but I have already gained my Junior Warrant, can I claim for a Junior Warrant under the new system?
A. No, any dog that has already been awarded its Junior Warrant cannot gain another Junior Warrant.

Q. Will my dog still get a Stud Book Number by gaining a Junior Warrant under the new system?
A. Yes, you will receive a Junior Warrant Certificate and a Stud Book Number Certificate.

Questions about points:

Q. How does the new system alter from the old system?
A. Only 2 dogs need to be present to claim a point from an open show, or from a Championship show where CCs were not on offer for that breed. 

Points can be gained in AVSNC classes. 

Points can be claimed for AV classes at an Open Show

A minimum of 7 points must be gained from open shows or championship shows where CCs were not on offer for the breed.

Q. Only my dog and one other were present in the class at an open show, can I claim points for my dog’s 1st place?
A. Yes, there must be at least two dogs of the breed present in open show classes including your own dog. i.e. you must have beaten one dog.

Q. If my dog wins two classes at an Open Show and there were at least two dogs in each class can I claim two points for each show?
A. No, only one point can be claimed per Open Show or for non CC breed classes at a Championship Show.

Q. If my dog won its class with more than two dogs present and also goes on to win Best Puppy in Breed at an Open show can I claim two points?
A. No, only one point can be claimed per Open Show or for non CC breed classes at a Championship Show without CCs.

Q. Under the old points system to claim for Best Puppy you had to take into account the points gained by the Best Opposite Sex Puppy, do we still have to do this?
A. At a Championship show where CCs are on offer, you can now claim for Best Puppy if your puppy has beaten two other puppies of the breed regardless of the sex.

Q. How do i claim points for Best Puppy at a Championship show without CC or at an Open show?
A. You can claim for Best Puppy if your puppy has beaten one other puppy of either sex in breed classes or AVNSC.  

Q. Can you summarise the new Junior Warrant points system?
A. The new points system will be stated on the front page of the relevant application form however, the following information may be of help to you:

The dog must be between 6 and 18 months of age when claiming points.
Your dog must have gained up to 25 points in total.
A minimum of 3 points must be from Championship Shows (where CCs are on offer for the breed).
A minimum of 7 points must be from Open Shows (or Championship Shows where CCs are not on offer for the breed).

Only one point may be claimed from any one Open Show or Championship Show where CCs are not on offer for the breed.

No change to the points system for CC classes at Championship Shows.

Open Shows – can claim a point by winner a class including AVNSC and AV classes having beaten at least one dog.

Non CC classes – can claim a point by winning a class including AVNSC having beaten at least one dog.  No points are available from AV classes at a championship show.

Q. What classes can I claim points for?
A. You can only claim points if you are placed 1st in a Breed Class, such as Minor Puppy, Puppy, Junior, Post Graduate etc. Any Variety Not Separately Classified classes such as Puppy, Junior etc or an Any Variety class at an open show.

Q. Can my dog claim a point for winning first place in a Brace Class?
A. Unfortunately the Brace class would not gain any points towards the Junior Warrant as it is not judged in the same way as a specific breed class.

Q. I have a breed which only ever attracts a small number of entries at shows.  How will the points system for the new Junior Warrant help me?
A. Points are now available from AVNSC classes and AV classes, at open shows and from non CC classes at Championship Shows and the number of dogs present before you can claim points has been reduced from three to two - you only need to beat 1 dog to claim a point.

Claiming the Junior Warrant  

Q. How do I apply for my Junior Warrant?
A. Claim form can be downloaded from the Kennel Club website. You must complete the claim form in full and return it to the Canine Activities Team at The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB, alternatively this can be emailed to awards@thekennelclub.org.uk.

Q. I want to apply for the Junior Warrant but I have not kept a record of my show wins. Can you help me?
A. Unfortunately, we only hold Stud Book qualifying awards i.e. Limit and Open classes (depending on breed) at Championship Shows where CC's are on offer.  You must keep your own record of your dog’s wins.  If you do happen to lose your records you can always contact the show secretaries, who may be able to assist you by checking their catalogues.

Q. How long will it take to receive my Junior Warrant certificate?
A. It can take up to 6 weeks from the date the office receives the application for your application to be processed. This is seasonal, it will take longer during the summer months than in the winter months.

Q. Should I keep a record of my wins? Are Junior Warrant Points checked by the Kennel Club?
A. Yes the results are checked.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all information given on the application form is correct. We may at times request evidence to support your claim either as part of random spot checks or as instructed by the Board. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you keep marked up copies of catalogues, should you ever need to refer to them to support your application.

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