Breeds Liaison Council Representatives- Utility

Please note that persons with an * denotes that they are a Delegate.

Name Area Telephone No Email Address Breed
Miss L Dearn Boston Terrier
TBC TBC   TBC Bulldog
Mrs C Merrion Chow Chow
Mr E Paterson* Dalmatian
Mrs J Morgan* Essex French Bulldog
Mrs R Goodridge German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)
Mrs M Thompson Japanese Akita Inu
Mrs E Dunhill Japanese Shiba Inu
Mrs C Wilion Cambridgeshire     Keeshond
Mrs K Miller Pulborough, West Sussex     Kooikerhondje
Mrs S Pine-Haynes Cranleigh Poodle (All Varieties)
Mrs L Wearing Schipperke
Mr L Anness Essex     Schnauzer (Standard & Miniature)
Mr C Walker Shar Pei
Mrs E MacDonald Oldham Shih Tzu
Mrs H Simper Tibetan Spaniel
Mr M James* Tibetan Terrier
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