Breeds Liaison Council Representatives- Toy

Please note that persons with an * denotes that they are a Delegate.

Name Area Telephone No Email Address Breed
Mrs A J Teasdale Weybridge, Surrey Bearded Collie
Mrs J Sparrow* Bichon Frise
Ms A Summers Kirkintilloch Bolognese & Pekingese
Mrs S Hornby Gosberton, Lincolnshire     Chihuahua (Long & Smooth Coat)
Miss T McGowan DN17 4HB     Chinese Crested Dog
Mr J Murdoch Coton de Tulear
Mr N S Gourley* English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)
Mrs B Murray Griffon Bruxellois
Mrs R Banks Japanese Chin
Mrs L Gillhespy* King Charles Spaniel
Mrs M Pascoe PR9 7RL Lowchen
Ms D Stark Kent Miniature Pinscher
Mr E Whitehill* Papillon
Miss A Pike Bude, Cornwall     Pomeranian
Mrs G Saffer Pug
Mrs D Rich Yorkshire Terrier
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