Breeds Liaison Council Representatives- Hound

Please note that persons with an * denotes that they are a Delegate.

Name Area Telephone No Email Address Breed
Mr D Evans Afghan Hound
Mrs P Hallam Basenji
Mrs D Ellrich Basset Hound
Mrs J A S Goldberg Beagle
Ms R Wray     '' Bloodhound
Ms T Page Stockbridge     Borzoi
Mrs D McDonnell Essex     Cirneco Dell'Etna
Mr D Roberts Stafford 01785 664461 Dachshund (All Varieties)
Miss S Finnett* Deerhound
Mr S Byrne* Finnish Spitz
Miss C L Boggia* Greyhound
Mrs D Cook Hamiltonstovare
Mr K Pursglove* Muddersfield   '' Irish Wolfhound & Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand & Petit)
Mrs L Middleton Nelson, Lancashire Norwegian Elkhound
Mr M Whitworth     '' Pharaoh Hound
Mrs D Curtis Denham, Eye     Portuguese Podengo
Miss G Lawless Rhodesian Ridgeback
Mr N Bryce-Smith East Grinstead, West Sussex   '' Saluki
Miss C L Boggia Sloughi
Mrs P Marston-Pollock* Cumbria Whippet
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