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Have you bred three or more dogs of the same breed? Do you want to be amongst the very Best of British breeders at Crufts next year? If so, the Crufts Breeders Competition is the perfect chance to show off your breeding stock.

Originally launched on January 15th 2009, the prestigious Breeders' Competition makes a return as a stand-alone competition at Crufts 2018. The competition gives breeders the opportunity to showcase their skill and knowledge as a breeder. 

Crufts 2018

The competition will have a maximum of 40 teams and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The judge for the 2018 final will be Ronnie Irving.

How to enter the Breeders' Competition

The regulations for this special competition are as follows:

Entries will open on Monday 4th December at 12 noon for the Breeders’ Competition, sponsored by Agria Pet Insurance, at Crufts 2018 which will be held on Friday 9th March. The entry fee for each team is £20. All teams will be pre-judged and the final will be held in the Genting Arena – further details will be advised in the New Year.

Dogs do not need to be qualified for or entered in the main breed competition at Crufts 2018 in order to qualify for the Breeders’ Competition, but please note that this year teams are restricted to one team per breeder.

Entries may be made only online at where the regulations for this event are listed. The first 40 teams entered will be those which compete.

Crufts 2019

The Kennel Club has announced a new and exciting format for the Kennel Club Breeders Competition starting in 2018, offering prize money sponsored by Agria Pet Insurance. Breeders will be able to start taking part in this competition from next year’s Boston and District Canine Society Championship Show from 4th – 7th January 2018 in order to qualify for the first final at Crufts 2019.

The competition will take place at every general and group championship show throughout 2018, with points being given for 1st – 4th place. New for the competition will be the allocation of prize money courtesy of Agria Pet Insurance, where teams awarded first place will be awarded 30 points and £20, or £25 if an Assured Breeder. Teams in second place will be awarded 15 points, third place 10 points and fourth place 5 points. The top 40 teams will qualify for the final at Crufts 2019, of which two positions will be for the Breeders Competition winners from the European and World Dog Shows.

All general and group championship shows will be scheduling a Kennel Club Breeders Competition class each day of their show for the relevant groups in the main ring and there will be a suggested entry fee of £15 set by the individual shows. Points will be recorded and published by Our Dogs, which will publish a leader board within their newspaper throughout the year. 

Breeders Competition FAQs for Crufts 2019