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Whether you are an exhibitor, judge or secretary, there is a wealth of information you can obtain from the Canine Activities department to assist you with your queries and questions.

Clubs and Societies

How to register your Club or Society

The Kennel Club registers clubs and societies which can represent particular breeds, disciplines or activities, either on a regional or national basis. Such societies must agree to abide by Kennel Club Regulations for registered societies and must be formed with a committee and membership structure.  Find out more about how to register your society here.

Registered Club and Society Area

If your club is already registered with the Kennel Club, you can access all the information you need about running a club or a show here.


The Kennel Club is responsible for the approval of Championship Show Judges, of which there are in excess of 10,000 approved in the UK. For more information about judging issues there's lots of advice and guidance in this section of the website.


If you are a Dog Show Exhibitor and would like information, tools and advice click here for all you need to know.

Liaison Council

Shows Liaison Council 

The Shows Liaison Council is made up of 31 regional representatives, elected for a three year term to act as a channel of communication between breed societies, competitors and the Kennel Club. 

Breeds Liaison Council

The Breeds Liaison Council is made up of representatives for every breed and has 30 Group Delegates who attend each meeting. Representatives are elected for a three year term to act as a channel of communication between Breed clubs, competitors, and the Kennel Club. 

Championship Dog Shows

The Kennel Club licenses a range of Championship Dog Shows which cover all breeds and groups. 

Dog Show Awards

Showing a dog is a competitive hobby and there are awards and prizes for you and your dog to aim for. For more information, go to the Dog Show Awards page. 

Update and improve your knowledge with the Kennel Club Academy

This new online learning resources delivers presentations including many of the mandatory elements required in the Kennel Club's established judges training programme. These are all essential pre-learning before attending the official seminars delivered by Accredited Trainers and offer established judges the opportunity to keep up to date on regulations and judging procedures:

  • Points of the Dog Assessment including an opportunity to test your knowledge
  • Requirements of a Dog Show Judge including a mock exam
  • Ring Stewarding including a mock exam
  • Completing the Breed Health Monitoring form
  • As importantly, also featured on the Academy is a variety of breed specific films from breed experts giving their personal observations of the breed (Beagle, Dachshund, Boxer, Scottish Terrier and Chow Chow). 

More films will be added to the Academy during the course of this year and in years to come.

Subscribe today by clicking here.


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