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Companion Dog Shows are fundraising events held throughout the year and the shows are mostly organised in conjunction with fetes, charity open days or other similar events to raise money for a charitable cause of the show organiser's own choice. The shows are very relaxed so they are ideal for all dog owners at all levels to enjoy a fun day out with their companion.

Tips on preparing for the show:

Competitors taking part in a Companion Dog Show

On arrival at the show, visit the entries table where you can select the classes you would like to enter. If you need help with making your entry, or deciding which classes to enter then just ask, as the people organising the show will be more than happy to help you.

When you enter the show you will be given a ring number which you need to take into the ring with you. We recommend you take a safety pin, or what is called a 'ring clip', to secure the ring number to your clothes as you will need both hands free to handle your dog.

Listen to the ring steward as he or she will announce when each class is due to be judged.

Follow the steward's instructions as they will tell you where to stand with your dog. If you have a breed of dog which is judged on a table then some stewards like to have these breeds at the front of the class. But do not worry, as the steward will guide you and you will not be in trouble if you stand in the wrong place!

Remember to make sure that both you and your dog enjoy the day. Companion Dog Shows are often the first taste of competition for many people and once you are hooked you may decide that you want to go on to greater things.

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