Companion Dog Shows Specific Show Regulations

Show Regulations F(3)

These Regulations must be read in conjunction with Kennel Club General Show Regulation F.

1. A Companion Dog Show may schedule an unlimited number of classes for both pedigree and non-pedigree dogs whether registered or unregistered. The schedule for the show must follow that of the specimen schedule provided by the Kennel Club with the show licence.

2. Application.

a. A Companion Dog Show will only be licensed for the purpose of raising money on behalf of charities or charitable organisations.
The organisers must inform the nominated charity in writing of their intention to hold a Companion Dog Show on their behalf. The charity's acknowledgement of this letter (original not a copy) must accompany the licence application. The licence will not be issued without this information.

b. If the organisers are a Kennel Club registered club or society, at least 50% of profits must be donated to a charity or charitable cause.

c. Companion Dog Shows may be held as separate events or in conjunction with licensed dog shows.

d. In the case of Companion Dog Shows held in conjunction with another Kennel Club Licensed dog show, dogs entered for competition at the Companion Dog Show will be deemed to be entered dogs for the purpose of visiting and/or competing in a pay on the day AV Companion Dog Show Class at the other licensed dog show.

e. Applications for a licence to hold a Companion Dog Show must be made by letter at least 42 days before the date of the show. The application must specify the charity ir charitable cause, the date, the show venue and the name (s) of the judge (s), and must be accompanied by the charity's acknowledgment letter and the relevant fee.NOTE: Applications for Companion Dog Shows to be held in Scotland or Wales must be made direct to the Scottish Kennel Club or Welsh Kennel Club as appropriate (contact details below).

f. The licence will only be valid if on the day of the event a current Public Liability Insurance document is held and is on display.

3. Guarantor(s).

a. The licensee of a Companion Dog Show shall be the Guarantor for the show. In the case of a Companion Dog Show being held by a registered society, the Guarantor will be nominated by the Society. The Guarantor shall retain receipts or accounts for monies taken at the show and, where applicable; forward these to the organisation on whose behalf the show was held. The Kennel Club may require production of receipts or accounts after the show.

b. The Guarantor shall be responsible for the event, its safety and finances.

c. All entry forms together with any other documents must be preserved by the Guarantor for at least twelve months and must be forwarded to the Kennel Club if required.

4. Classification.

a. Classes for pedigree dogs may include any of the following:

  • Any Variety Sporting Dogs
  • Any Variety Hounds
  • Any Variety Gundogs
  • Any Variety Terriers
  • Any Variety Non-Sporting Dogs
  • Any Variety Utility
  • Any Variety Working
  • Any Variety Pastoral
  • Any Variety Toys
  • Any Variety Puppy (6 - 9 months)
  • Any Variety Puppy (6-12 months)
  • Any Variety Junior (12 - 18 months)
  • Any Variety Open
  • Any Variety Veteran (Over 7 years)
  • Any Combination of Groups
  • Junior Handlers Class (Under 18 years f age - Dog owned by exhibitor or the exhibitor's parents)

b. The basis for the grouping of the breeds is defined in Kennel Club Regulations for Classification and Registration.

c. A maximum of two breed classes per breed may, at the organisers' discretion, be scheduled on the day of the show for pedigree dogs whether registered or unregistered.

d. Novelty Classes. Notwithstanding the above any number of novelty (fun) classes may be scheduled open to all entered dogs whether Kennel Club registered or not.

e. Companion Dog Club Novelty Classes. Limited to those dogs that are Members of the Companion Dog Club.

5. Regulations.

a. That a sign is displayed at the show to include the appropriate statement on the exhibition of docked dogs for the show's location and status. The various statements are included in the specimen Schedule provided by the Kennel Club.

b. Obedience Classes. Obedience classes may be scheduled at Companion Dog Shows provided the tests and titles of the classes differ from those laid down in Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.

c. Agility and/or obstacle courses. Agility and/or obstacle courses may not be held as part of a Companion Dog Show. However, an Agility Test may be held in conjunction with such an event provided it is organised by a registered society in accordance with Kennel Club Regulations for Agility Tests, and a separate licence is issued.

d. Demonstrations of Heelwork to Music may be held at Companion Dog Shows.

e. Dogs which have won any of the following awards are not eligible for entry at Companion Dog Shows:

  • Challenge Certificate (or any award that counts towards the title of champion under the rules of any governing body recognised by the Kennel Club). (Pedigree classes only).
  • Reserve Challenge Certificate. (Pedigree classes only).
  • Junior Warrant. (Pedigree classes only).
  • Obedience Certificate. (Obedience classes only).

f. Only dogs of 6 calendar months of age and over on the day of the show are eligible for entry.

g. Exhibitors and officials at Companion Dog Shows shall be subject to Kennel Club Rule A11.

January 2016.


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