Clubs and Societies Show Regulation FAQs

These concern queries on the licence application, the Schedule's contents, and the actions prior to and on the day of the show:

Q.   Do Stakes classes have to be included within the number of classes on a Licence Application form?

A.    No, they do not.

Q.   Can a judge donate a prize for Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show etc?

A.    There is no objection to a judge donating prizes/prize money.  However their name cannot be used to advertise such in any paperwork for the show i.e. schedule/catalogue or advertisements.

Q.   Do we have to schedule an Any Variety not Separately Classified (AVNSC) class at our open show judged on the group system?

A.   Yes, a show that schedules more than one breed must provide a minimum of 16 classes which must include an open class for each breed and, if the show is judged on the group system there must be at least one AVNSC Class, unless a class for every breed eligible for classification is provided.

Q.   Do rosettes need to be a specific colour for first to fifth placings

A.   No, societies can choose whichever colours they wish. 

Q.   I am a show secretary for a breed club. My breed is not one that is traditionally docked - do our schedules still need to carry the docking statement?

A.   Yes - as any dog of any breed might have to have its tail amputated due to trauma (the dog is then classified as docked) and confirms the commitment that only legally docked dogs are eligible for KC licensed shows.

Q.   Do I need to return an entry for an exhibitor who has applied for an Authority to Compete (ATC) but not yet obtained it?

A.   All dogs resident outside the UK must be issued with a Kennel Club ATC number before entry to the show/event can be made. All overseas entries without an ATC number should be returned to the exhibitor.

Q.   Can we still weigh Miniature Dachshunds at our shows?

A.   If Miniature Dachshunds are to be weighed, a notice informing exhibitors of such must be included at the beginning of the relevant breed classification.

Q.   We have made an error in our schedule.  We have put in 4 classes for Bulldogs, but our judge is only eligible for 3, can we drop one of the classes? Our show is in 3 weeks and entries have closed.

A.   No modifications may be made to the schedule except by permission of the General Committee of the Kennel Club, which must then be followed by an advertisement in the Canine Press is possible.  However, due to the time constraints in these circumstances, you are not permitted to drop class, but must find a replacement judge that is eligible to judge the four classes scheduled.

Q.   I have printed my schedules but omitted junior handling.  This class is an enter on the day class, may I put a slip in the schedule informing exhibitors that we are scheduling it?

A.    As it is enter on the day, yes you may include this slip in the schedule.  We would also advise a press release/or breed notes in the event that an exhibitor does not receive the slip.

Q.   Can we extend our closing date for entries?

A.   You may extend entries as long as no less 14 days before a show.  You must inform the Kennel Club in writing if you do intend to extend entries, so that we may update our records accordingly.

Q.   What do we do if someone who hasn't entered the show turns up on the day, claiming that their entry was lost in the post? Do I have to allow them to enter?

A.    Entries from exhibitors claiming undelivered entries have been correctly posted must be accepted on the day of the show.  Such claims will have to be substantiated to the Kennel Club, which will request documentary evidence, subsequent to the show.

Q.   What happens if there is a biting incident at our show?

A.    This type of incident must be reported to the Kennel Club as soon as practically possible after the show and in any event it must be detailed in the post show report/incident book.  The Kennel Club will investigate the incident accordingly.

Q.   We hold a Championship and Open Show each year.  We no longer want to hold an Open show and would like to focus on the Championship show only.  Is this ok?

A.    There is no specific requirement of the number of shows you must hold.  The holding of any type of competition or show is at the discretion of the society.  It is a matter for the club committee and membership how the club fulfills its aims and objectives (as written in its constitution). However if you wish to cease running a show you must provide a written explanation to the Kennel Club for the decision.

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