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Canicross races are licensed by the Kennel Club and run by both registered or listed status clubs and societies. Before running a Canicross race the society must have applied to and been approved by the Kennel Club.

Societies setting up and running Canicross competitions need to address a number of main tasks:

Set up the competition

After the schedule is finalised

After entries close

At the competition

NOTE: The above list gives an idea of general timescales but many individual tasks will be done in a different order from above depending on circumstances.

Cancellation/Postponement of Event

If a society has to cancel its event the Organiser must contact the Working Dog Activities Department at the Kennel Club as soon as the decision to cancel has been made.  Contact can be made via email: or 01296 318540 (ext. 295 or 207). For more information about what is required when a society cancels/postpones an event, please clickhere.


Society Committees must ensure that they have adequate cover for all the Society's activities. Kennel Club Insurance cover is specifically designed for canine clubs or societies, including public and products liability and directors' and officers' liability insurance at a competitive price. For more information about insurance visit