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The Regulations & Judging Procedure Seminar and Examination is at the centre of the Kennel Club's goal of raising standards in all aspects of dog activity. As such, it is compulsory for all those judging at Bloodhound Trials for the very first time and those who will be submitting questionnaires to the Kennel Club for approval, to award Kennel Club Bloodhound Trials Certificates.

The Kennel Club congratulates all the people who have reached the highest level of achievement in their chosen discipline.

Kennel Club Executive - Canine Activities, Kathryn Symns, said "The Kennel Club is committed to providing the highest possible standards in canine competitions.  Our seminars and examinations are at the heart of driving up standards and creating a level playing field for all.  Our congratulations go to each of the judges who have met the Kennel Club's exacting standards to judge in these competitions."

The successful candidates, who have given permission for their details to be published, are listed below.  Societies are reminded that attending the Regulations and Judging Procedure Seminar, and passing the relevant examination is only one section of the judging criteria.  It is up to each individual society to ensure that any judge invited fulfils all the necessary criteria.

The following individuals have passed the Bloodhound Trials Judges seminar and examination:

Successful Candidates - Practical Seminar & Exam

Successful Candidates - Rules & Regulations Seminar & Exam