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Competing in Bloodhound Trials is very satisfying. Trials are held each year, giving you the opportunity to compete and meet likeminded people. When competing at a Kennel Club licenced event, competitors should have a good understanding of the  Working Trial and Bloodhound Trial 'I' Regulations.

Progressing in Bloodhound Trials

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Every year four Bloodhound Trials Championships are held, two are organised by The Association of Bloodhound Breeders and two by the The Bloodhound Club. More information about the Championships can be found via the listed Club websites or via the Events Diary.

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Working Trials Liaison Council

The Working Trials Liaison Council is here to enable competitors and both Working Trial and Bloodhound Trial Clubs to communicate with the Kennel Club. Want to get your voice heard? The Council is the key channel for you to make posi­tive changes to Bloodhound Trials. Proposals from the Council can result in fundamental changes in KC policy which means they're valuable to everyone involved in the activity. Made up of 18 representatives from all over the UK, the Council meets once a year to discuss matters that may affect you. For more information visit the  Working Trials Liaison Council page.


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