How to Progress in Agility

An agility competitor and their dog advance from Grades from 1 - 7, Grade 1 is the lowest level and Grade 7 the highest level. There are two ways a competitor/dog can progress from one grade to the next which are as follows:

Progression on wins

Progression from Grades 1- 5 can be achieved by winning one agility class or three Jumping classes at the relevant grade. To progress from Grade 5 will require a minimum of 3 wins at Grade 5, one of which must be an agility class. Progression from Grade 6 will require 4 wins at Grade 6, two of which must be agility classes. Results from Combined Classes (where there could be up to seven grades in one class) will only count towards progression from the dog's current grade.

A first prize or other prize win are those gained in standard classes at any Kennel Club licensed Championship Agility, Premier Agility, Open Agility or Limited Agility Shows (i.e. special classes and invitational events are excepted). Only a first place with a clear round completed within the course time set by the judge will count towards grade progression.

If you progress on a win you remain at the same grade for 25 days after the win. Following this period you will automatically be put up to the next grade. For any shows after the 25 days it is the competitor's responsibility to notify the show secretary of a change in grade, in writing, a minimum of 14 days before the event.

Points Progression

At the handler's discretion a dog may progress up to Grade 4 by winning 100 points at each grade. If this method of progression is selected, the handler must ensure the Show Secretary signs the dog's Agility Record Book at the first show entered at the higher grade. There is no time limit on this progression, however, once a dog has progressed, it cannot return to a previous grade.

Agility Grading Structure with Win/Points Progression Criteria


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