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New to Agility: Getting Started in Agility Training

In Agility, as in all other sports and activities, the safety and enjoyment of competitors and their dogs depends to a great degree on commonsense, courtesy and respect.

It is undesirable (and probably impossible) to attempt to construct a set of rules and regulations that specifically cover every possible set of circumstances. But it is vital to the long-term health of Agility  that the principles of fair play, responsible behaviour and respect for others should prevail at all times.

Judges and Stewards at Agility shows have been covered by a code of conduct for many years. The code of conduct below offers voluntary guidelines to help handlers and owners to check that they, too, are behaving appropriately and responsibly when competing at Agility shows.

All Agility competitors should:

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

By entering an Agility show, competitors acknowledge that they will do their utmost to comply with this voluntary Code of Conduct. Significant or repeated failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in the show management asking competitors to leave the showground. Handlers who have a complaint about the actions of others should speak to the Show Secretary.

Recommended Show Rules

Societies are invited to consider incorporating some or all of the the following wording into their own Show Rules: