Agility Warrant

An Agility Warrant will be issued on application by the registered owner at the time of qualification in respect of a dog that has obtained points in standard agility and jumping classes at Championship Premier and Open Shows. At least 25% of the points must be gained in agility (as opposed to jumping) classes. Points will be awarded at any level but may not be gained in any part of the Championship class. Points will also only be awarded where the dog has obtained a clear round within the course time. The requirements for the five levels of warrant, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond are:

Bronze           200 points      (minimum of 50 points in agility)

Silver              400 points      (minimum of 100 points in agility)

Gold                800 points      (minimum of 200 points in agility)

Platinum         1200 points      (minimum of 300 points in agility)

Diamond         1600 points      (minimum of 400 points in agility)

The additional points required for the Platinum and Diamond awards must be gained since 1 January 2016.

The following titles may be used after the name of the dog on Show entries and in catalogues.

Bronze AW(B)

Silver AW(S)

Gold AW(G)

Platinum AW(P)

Diamond AW(D)

Points will be awarded as follows:


Standard Agility classes

(clear rounds only)

Standard Jumping classes

(clear rounds only)

1st place 20 points

1st place 10 points

2nd place 19 points

2nd place 9 points

3rd place 18 points

3rd place 8 points

4th place 17 points

4th place 7 points

5th place 16 points

5th place 6 points

6th place 15 points

6th place 5 points

7th place 14 points

7th place 4 points

8th place 13 points

8th place 3 points

9th place 12 points

9th place 2 points

10th place 11 points

10th place 1 point

Points will also be awarded for clear rounds within the course time as follows:

Standard Agility Classes 2 points

Standard Jumping Classes 1 point

Where less than 10 places are awarded in any class a competitor obtaining a clear round not in the places will be awarded the points applicable for a clear round in that class, i.e. 2 points for an agility class and 1 point for a jumping class.

How to claim your award

There are now two ways that you can claim your award.

Firstly, remember to record your Agility Warrant points in an agility record book which can be purchased from the online shop.

Option 1.

Download the Excel Agility Warrant Application Form that enables competitors to easily input accrued points.  The form will calculate how many points you have earned and will indicate when you have achieved your Bronze, Silver or Gold Agility Warrants.  Once you have accumulated enough points, return the completed form to A helpful guide has been devised to assist when using this interactive document and can be accessed by clicking here.

Please note, these excel spreadsheets are not compatible with Mac's/IOS, only with PC & windows based systems

Option 2.

Complete the Agility Warrant Claim form which can be found in the toolbar on the right hand side of this page.

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