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Dog Measuring Regulations


All dogs competing in Small, Medium and Intermediate height categories must be measured by official agility measurers before they compete at their first agility show. A second measurement must be undertaken 12 to 24 months after the first measurement.


Dogs competing in the Large height category do not need an official measure before competing. However, those handlers who are not sure if their dog is large or medium may still have their dog measured.


Please be aware that once a dog has competed in the large height category at a Kennel Club Licensed event without a measurement it cannot subsequently change to a different height.


For all measurements, neither measurer must have previously measured the dog nor must the dog be owned or part owned by them, owned by a partner, member of their family or been previously entered for competition by them.


Height categories are as follows:



You can now find a list of our Kennel Club Accredited Measurers here and our Kennel Club Accredited Senior Measurers here. A full list of dates for agility measuring can be found here


Watch this video for expert advice from agility judge, Jackie Gardner, on how to properly measure the size of your dog.





For the Code of Best Practice, click here.


How to find a measuring session
For your dog to be measured
Second and third measurements


Lost Record Book?


If you lose your Agility Record Book after your dog has been measured, please email the Working Dog Activities Team or phone: 01296 318540. We will send you official confirmation of your dog's measurement as recorded on the Kennel Club Measuring database which you will then be able to insert into your replacement Record Book. You MUST NOT have your dog officially measured again just because the Record Book has been mislaid or destroyed - this is against the Regulations.




Your dog can be entered in an agility show before it has been measured, but it must have been measured BEFORE it competes in any class at a show.


If you have any questions about measuring, first check the Measuring Guidelines booklet. If you still have any queries, please email the Working Dog Activities Team or phone: 01296 318540.