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Dog Measuring Regulations

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All dogs competing in Small, Medium and Intermediate height categories must be measured by official agility measurers before they compete at their first agility show. A second measurement must be undertaken 12 to 24 months after the first measurement.

Dogs competing in the Large height category do not need an official measure before competing. However, those handlers who are not sure if their dog is large or medium may still have their dog measured.

Please be aware that once a dog has competed in the large height category at a Kennel Club Licensed event without a measurement it cannot subsequently change to a different height.

For all measurements, neither measurer must have previously measured the dog nor must the dog be owned or part owned by them, owned by a partner, member of their family or been previously entered for competition by them.

Height categories are as follows:

You can now find a list of our Kennel Club Accredited Measurers here and our Kennel Club Accredited Senior Measurers here. A full list of dates for agility measuring can be found here

Watch this video for expert advice from agility judge, Jackie Gardner, on how to properly measure the size of your dog.


For the Code of Best Practice, click here.


How to find a measuring session
For your dog to be measured Second and third measurementsLost Record Book?

If you lose your Agility Record Book after your dog has been measured, please email the Working Dog Activities Team or phone: 01296 318540. We will send you official confirmation of your dog's measurement as recorded on the Kennel Club Measuring database which you will then be able to insert into your replacement Record Book. You MUST NOT have your dog officially measured again just because the Record Book has been mislaid or destroyed - this is against the Regulations.

Agility Measuring FAQs

What heights will the jumps be in 2020? What will happen with LHO then?

The jump heights and dog heights will be as follows:







Over 500mm



Over 430mm – 500mm



Over 350mm – 430mm



350mm or under

The LHO option will no longer be available.

I currently compete in Large dog classes, do I have to get my dog measured?

If you are happy that your dog is obviously large and do not wish to see whether she could be measured in to Intermediate then, no you do not need to get your dog measured. However, you only have until 31 December 2019 to get your dog measured for Intermediate if you wish to do so.

I currently compete in LHO, will this option be changing?

LHO will stay in place for 2019. As of 1 January 2020, the LHO will no longer be available and dogs will need to compete in their measured height of either Small, Medium, Intermediate or Large.

I currently compete in LHO, will wins/points gained from LHO classes still count?

Yes, any awards won prior to the Regulation start date will still count towards progression.

What Grade can I progress to on LHO?

The rules for LHO are not changing in 2019, so you can still progress to Grade 7 on LHO wins. You will still need FH wins to qualify for Championship classes.

The LHO will no longer be available in 2020.

I have a large dog and want to compete in Intermediate, do I need to get my dog measured?

Yes, dogs are required to be measured in to Intermediate and dogs can’t compete in that height category without being measured. You will need to do this before 1 January 2020.

I want to compete in Intermediate classes, how long have I got to get him measured?

You have until 1 January 2020 to get any currently competing dog measured.

I have had my dog measured and he is large, can the same people measure him again?

No. The measuring regulations have not changed, which means you will need to get two measurers who have not measured your dog before to measure your dog.

If I don’t get my currently competing large dog measured but want to move him into Intermediate later will that be possible?

No, you must have your dog measured before 1 January 2020. If you have not then you can no longer opt to get your dog measured in to Intermediate.

My measuring book doesn’t have an option for Intermediate, what shall I do?

Inserts are available from the Kennel Club website to include the Intermediate height, which can be printed and kept with your Record Book as proof of measurement. To download the insert please go to and refer to the downloads section.

My dog hasn’t competed yet and won’t start competing until 2020. Will he need to be measured?

Yes, all dogs will need to be measured before competing, unless they are obviously large.

I have one measurement at large, do I need to start again to be measured into Intermediate?

No, that measurement is still a valid Kennel Club measurement so you will not need to start again. However, if your second measurement is Intermediate then you will not need to have another measurement and your dog will compete in Intermediate. This will be your final measurement.

I have had 1 measurement at large, if I have another one at Intermediate, will I need a 3rd as he will have technically changed height?

No, if your dog has been measured in to Large and measures in to Intermediate then your dog will be Intermediate.

I have a dog in Large who has already been measured. If he measures in to Intermediate will I need to get a 3rd measure as his height has changed?

No. If your dog has already completed the measuring process then you will only need to get your dog measured once to determine if he falls in to the Intermediate category. You will still need to find two measurers who have not measured your dog before.

I have a large dog that I have never had measured but I feel he may be Intermediate. What do I do to find out if he is Intermediate?

As your dog has never been measured, you will need to start the process from the beginning. Once you get your dog measured for the first time, you will need to get a second measurement done between 12 and 24 months after the first.

If my dog is measured into Intermediate but I decide I want to run him in Large instead, will I be able to?

No. Once your dog measures in to Intermediate then you must run your dog in that height category from 1 January 2020. If you want to run your dog as Large then you should not present him for an Intermediate measure.

I’m a Kennel Club measurer, if a dog is presented for an Intermediate measure that has previously measured as large either as a 1st measurement or having finished the process, do I need to try with the medium measure again?

No, as the dog has previously measured Large, there is no need to try the medium hoop again. You should only use the Intermediate hoop.

I have a Large dog that has not had any measure. I want to continue competing him in Large. Will I be at risk of a challenge measurement?

No, a dog that has never entered the measuring process cannot be asked to have an additional measure.

Jump Heights

What heights will jumps be in 2019?

Jumps heights will stay as they are in 2019, including the Lower Height Option. All changes regarding the height of the jumps are effective from 1 January 2020. Therefore, dogs will be jumping the following heights:






Over 430mm

LH Large





350mm – 430mm

LH Medium





Under 350mm

LH Small



Will the LHO option still be available?

The LHO will stay in place for 2019; however, from 1 January 2020 the LHO will no longer be available. The heights of the hurdles will be 5cm lower than they are currently for full height.

If the jump heights are changing, does that mean other obstacles are changing as well?

A new regulation has been created to separate the wall obstacle from the hurdle regulation, however, the wall heights for each dog height are the same as the hurdle.

The wishing well obstacle will also have reduced heights as per the hurdle regulation. The heights for the table obstacle have also been reduced to 550mm for large dogs, 450mm for Intermediate dogs, 350mm for medium dogs and 250mm for small dogs.

For all obstacles, Intermediate dimensions have been added where necessary. 


Your dog can be entered in an agility show before it has been measured, but it must have been measured BEFORE it competes in any class at a show.

If you have any questions about measuring, first check the Measuring Guidelines booklet. If you still have any queries, please email the Working Dog Activities Team or phone: 01296 318540.