Agility Team GB Development Squad

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The following dogs and handlers have been selected to be on the Development Squad for Agility Team GB 2020 Squad.


Small Dogs:
Amy Bennett with Heaven Sent to Mirramay
Apryl Britton with Never Let Go Of The Five Colors
Clare Bacon with Devongem Gold Coast
Helen Roberts with Our little Pop of Gold
Julie Dunlop with Hillsidejemz Firecracker
Karen Boardman with Devongem Tiz Unbeatable
Katrina Hands with Minxin It Up & Set The Pace Of Summergarden
Lauren Langman with Maesydderwen Shine Bright at Devongem
Lou Cadman with Maddest Moment Yet
Marc Wingate-Wynne with Obay Thatz Entertainment
Nina Rajala with Piikachu´s Best Start at Zanimo´s

Medium Dogs:
Camryn Macleod with Folkvang Purple Lucky
Jane Chenery with Blackengine Dusk
Jo Gleed with Devongem Firing It Up & Spiderwick Nimble Ninja
Kayleigh Hewitt with Wildas Jerry Seinfeld
Lauren Burns with The Harlequin Fox
Liesl Plekker with Gypsy Vom Schloss Feengrund
Naomi Read with Little Miss Jumping Jinx
Sam Towe with Licosateria Shades of Blue
Sammie Pegg with Leebeardream Plug In Baby

Large Dogs:
Bonny Quick with Infinity Light Trail of Flames
Connie Sellers with Beware of the Bear and Diagemtas Serge
Dalton Meredith with Neon Oxide
Debby Simons with Famous Falcon Of Mogwai's Castle
Ellen Sleight with Teddy Bear Grylls
Gemma Haycock with Lalapaws Turn Up The Jukebox
Helen Postle with Izzi Clever Fox
Jenny Kimber with Fandabidozi Dare to Rumba
Jessica Clarehugh with Avonwolf beanies dizzy Dora
Lisa Duggan with Devongem Tri Red & Indistorm Breeze On By
Louise McCulloch with Darleyfalls He's Got Style & Leebeardream Take Two
Martin Reid with Lilhaze Secret Pleasure
Oliver Tatton with Never A Moment Of Dullness
Shannon Springford with Castomya Love is Gifted at Shansdream
Sian Illingworth with Zhanisgo’s Secret Agent
Stephanie Best with Dare to Dream it Must be Fate & Maximum Reds
Tunde Bell with Nedlo Black Betti Bambalam
Walter Dingemanse with Nice of You to Come Bye Double Dice

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