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There are three ways to register as a Listed Status Club

A) Requirements of a Listed Status Club for training purposes only:

B) Requirements of a Listed Status Club in order to hold Kennel Club licensed Agility shows:

C) Requirements of a Listed Status Club for training purposes AND to be able to hold licensed Kennel Club shows:

The Kennel Club values its clubs and societies and they have a vital role to play in helping as many people understand the importance of the dog in society. Being a listed status club with the Kennel Club means that your club members will have access to the very best standards in club management and competition administration as well as having access to a wealth of information on every conceivable doggy matter, from genetic testing and health schemes, to the full history of a breed.

If you are interested in registering your club with the Kennel Club or gaining Listed Status, Kennel Club application forms are available, which set out the application process. Once societies become registered, new secretaries are issued with a 'Welcome Pack' which details the main requirements of societies in terms of Kennel Club Regulations, society administration and event management. Furthermore, a comprehensive manual or secretaries' guide is available from the Publications Department full of tips and advice for all club and society management teams.

Listed Status Clubs FAQs

Who can apply to have a Listed Status Club?
Any club, group or individual.

Why should I/We become a Listed Status Club?

Do you need a Committee structure?

Will the Kennel Club reduce its governance of fully registered clubs as a result?
No, the Kennel Club is of the view that the current stipulations are the minimum necessary requirement to safeguard a club's membership.

What are the costs involved?

How can payment be made for becoming a Listed Status Club and for annual renewal?
Initial registration fee may be made by Credit or Debit Card or Cheque made payable to the Kennel Club. Annual renewal is payable by direct debit.

What needs to be submitted on an annual basis to the Kennel Club?

When is the annual renewal date for submissions and payment?
Each year from the date the Listed Status Club was registered.

Will I/We be inspected by the Kennel Club?
The reference submitted by a local Dog Warden/Environmental Health Officer to confirm the safety and suitability of the premises/ground(s) being used for the purposes of dog training, will be the only inspection of the training venue. If you plan to hold a competition, Field Officers will be sent as is the standard procedure for all Kennel Club licensed competitions.

What does a competition management profile consist of?
The competition management profile should be a document that outlines the organisation of a competition. This should include information such as job responsibilities, risk assessments, toilet and parking arrangements etc. The purpose of this document is to demonstrate to the Kennel Club that proper thought and provisions have been put in place.

What does a statement outlining the club's commitment to canine welfare consist of?
This could consist of information concerning the use of different training techniques, availability of food, water and suitable housing, on call veterinary cover, dogs left in hot cars and any other matters concerning the general well being of dogs during training sessions and competitions