How to register an Agility Club

All agility groups and clubs are invited to apply to become Kennel Club Registered Societies - entitling them to run Kennel Club Licensed shows, enter teams to take part in the Crufts Teams competitions, be listed on Kennel Club lists provided to competitors seeking a new club, and many other benefits.

Registered Clubs gain all the benefits of Club Registration, can also elect Representatives on to the Agility Liaison Council and in time can apply for Premier or Championship Status to hold Kennel Club qualifiers or Championship Shows.

Once the relevant forms and additional information is received by the Kennel Club it will be forwarded to the next available meeting of the Activities Sub-Committee. This Sub-Committee, which meets quarterly, will consider the application and, if provisionally accepted, it will be advertised in the Kennel Club Journal for two months.  Your application will then be further discussed by the Sub-Committee taking into consideration any objections received following the advertisement and recommendations made to the General Committee.  If the Committee approves your application the Society will be added to the register.  As you can see this is quite a lengthy process and can take between 9 and 12 months.

For further information and a registration pack, please contact the Registered Society Department at the Kennel Club on 01296 318540.

The following additional information must be submitted with your application forms:

  1. a list of current members
  2. details of the Society's financial status
  3. a copy of the proposed Constitution / Rules of the Society that must comply with the requirements of the General Committee.

A Society must not make arrangements to hold Shows / Trials (as relevant) until the Committee has agreed to register the title of the Society.

Listed Status Clubs

Alternatively clubs can apply to become Listed Status and benefit from the association with the Kennel Club brand, publicity through the Kennel Club database, enquiries and website, minimal club administration (i.e. no need to submit annual accounts, list of club members, or have a committee structure), access to Kennel Club services and free advice from the office, compliance to the Kennel Club's Agility Code of Conduct as well as the Kennel Club Code of Conduct, eligibility to enter an agility team for the Crufts Team Heats, eligibility to hold "Limited shows" and "Open shows" and an annual certificate of being a Listed Status Club.


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