Kennel Club Requirements for Agility Shows

1. Licence

All show dates must be applied for in writing, on either club headed paper or on a completed show date application form. On receipt, the Kennel Club will produce a licence application form which is forwarded to the society's secretary for completion.

Licence application forms must be received at the Kennel Club no later than six months prior to the date of the show.

First time applications to hold a Championship agility show must be considered by the Activities Sub-Committee. Applications should be accompanied by a written proposal summarising the experience of the proposed show management and the venue facilities.

The licence must be displayed at the show.

2. Schedule

Championship Show
Two copies of the show schedule must be sent to the Kennel Club, once published, and be received no later than three months prior to the show date.

Open Shows
Two copies of the show schedule must be received at the Kennel Club one month prior to the show date.

All schedules must conform to the Kennel Club specimen schedules.

3. Catalogue

Marked catalogues for the Championship Class(es) must be received at the Kennel Club within fourteen days of the close of the show. It is essential that dogs not gaining a clear round in the final round are identified in the marked
catalogue, which is submitted to the Kennel Club.

4. Judges

Nomination forms must be received at the Kennel Club for approval at least nine months prior to the date of the show.

For first time appointments, the nomination form must be accompanied by a completed Judge's questionnaire, and must be received at the Kennel Club, to be approved, at least eighteen months prior to the date of the show.

The Kennel Club does not approve Open Show level judging appointments. However, your society's show committee must be satisfied that the person is qualified in accordance with Kennel Club H Regulations. Invitations to judge
must include a declaration to be signed by the judge, stating that they are so qualified.

5. Insurance

The society must ensure that they have adequate cover for all the society's activities. A current Public Liability Insurance document must be clearly displayed at all Kennel Club licensed events.

6. Risk assessment

It is the responsibility of individual societies to undertake their own risk assessment at all licensed shows, to cover all likely eventualities, with respect to the health and safety of all those who attend, and to fire prevention issues.
(Kennel Gazette notices July 2009 and March 2010).

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