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Lifting an Endorsement

This form should be used to lift either or both of these endorsements: R - Progeny not eligible for registration, X - Not eligible for the issue of an Export Pedigree

Information guides

We have developed a collection of FREE downloadable Information Guides for prospective and existing dog owners on dog health, breeds, moving house, travelling ...

Using your dog at stud

There are a number of reasons why people may think about offering their dog at stud. The most important reason, above all else, is to improve the breed, and this should always be your main goal.

Update On DNA Control Scheme To Improve Briard Health

As part of a three-year plan, the Kennel Club would like to issue a reminder of the second-phase of the DNA control scheme for Congenital Stationary Night Blindness (CSNB) in the Briard breed. Read more.

Irish Setter DNA screening

DNA Screening scheme results for Irish Setter

Litter Registration FAQs

Questions relating to the Litter Registration process

Assured Breeder Scheme outline

The Kennel Assured Breeder Scheme sets out standards for dog breeders and encourages responsible breeding.

Finding the right breeder

When searching for a healthy pedigree puppy it is the breeder that is the most important consideration - here are some helpful tips on how to find the right one.

Assured Breeder Scheme (information for pedigree puppy buyers)

The Assured Breeder Scheme guarantees new owners that they are purchasing a puppy from someone who prioritises the health and welfare of the puppies they breed

Selling your Kennel Club registered dogs

Let the Kennel Club help you find suitable homes for your new puppies.

Why join the Scheme FAQs

Although many responsible dog breeders fulfil the scheme's requirements, the KCABS ensures that the puppy buying public know which breeders are declaring to follow good practice

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